Yard Sail !!!


Our First Yard Sail was a success!,, Made everyone that showed up either buy something or I gave them something (junk),,, sometimes even putting it in their trunk !!!Mail Attachment
Waffles wasn’t sold.. she had a price tag “Priceless”, and was a hit of the weekend
FoxFm even showed up

PacMan Racin


Getting some training in for the Port Huron to Mackinac Race in July..  Fun day with mostly light winds, We beat the winner of the Mackinac race last year (Liberty)… Race is called pacman, apparently the course is the shape of a pacman…  we cut a few corners, took a few chances and ended up 2nd…  Not bad for first time out… 

Team Ambush

Time to Start Boxin’

Boxing up the ‘stuff’ we are storing…  Move date is August 9 (but we may leave a weeeee bit earlier)..    

Now to just get the kids to help with the boxes..   Hummm… I remember Parker, Riley, and Jessi used to be pretty handy with puttin stuff in boxes …….
Have a Look….