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4 More Islands then to the Airport!

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Cane Garden Bay…   We couldnt find Arrrrr  Mr. Parkers Dog.. perhaps he was camping out on another boat!

Sails up, Lindsay as Captain, sailed us to West end..   As we turned the corner we felt the strong Christmas winds and had to pull them down to be sure we didnt break anything!

Over to Norman Island for a Snorkelling, beach strolling, and a trip to Pirates Bight and Willi T’s!

Up early, we head over to the Indians, a very cool snorkeling place!  We were the first people on the scene of this very popular spot!

Continuing East to Cooper Island, the winds remained heavy..  We should be captured under sail in a local photoshoot company

Cooper Island is one of our new favourites..  the water is SOOOO clear!  We were all snorkeling just minutes after arriving…

Turtles are EVERYWHERE here..  there’s a video attached to an earlier post!

Spend the most relaxing day on the beach… ALL DAY !

Buddy with a helicopter on his yacht showed up..  I kept yelling “Launch the CHOPPER!”.. and eventually he did!      Must have been pretty neat cruising the islands from the air!

Next morning, we upped the sails and headed to the BATHS..  no visit to the area is complete without this!  Lindsay loved it!

One more Sail!.. over to Marina Cay! refueled and rewatered!

One more Snorkel!  I think its called Diamond Cay..  a little reef just off Marina Cay..  one of the best in the area!  so relaxing…

Eventually I had to tell Allie it was time to go..   back…  home… to the cold…  and no snorkelling…

She looked at me through the mast,  here head turned left and right.. then all I saw was flippers as she disappeared under the water…

Took a while to get her out..  she’s was NOT HAPPY to leave!

Talking about Happy.. it was HAPPY HOUR with John and Heather!  We set DayDream Believer back up on her mooring in Trellis bay..  and headed over to the loose mongoose for one last visit.

Early morning ride with John and Heather to the ferry terminal…  New load record for his car.. 7 people and 15 bags.. some strapped to the roof!

Jessi’s flight left before ours..   Robin was tearrry….

Before she left she had to get one more dose of HOT SUN..  holding her hands up on the road to tan her arms?  Cops were sitting 20 feet behind her looking at each other…??  Why is she standing with her arms in the air??  I was in the shadows with camera handy just incase it got GOOD!!   🙂

Lindsay flew with us to Florida..   and soon enough was home safe and sound …Thanks for coming on our trip it was great having you!

Into Detroit we found our car… and the interior light left on for the last 14 days in -?? weather…..   click click click…    Quick Boost and on our way!

Best vacation I can remember!

Have a Great Day!


IMG_20150107_172113 IMG_20150107_165237 IMG_20150107_163548 IMG_20150107_162251 IMG_20150107_151421 IMG_20150107_141358 IMG_20150106_1724111 IMG_20150106_150502 IMG_20150106_111931 IMG_20150106_1106341

IMG_20150107_182552IMG_20150107_173245IMG_20150107_172133IMG_20150107_1939221IMG_20150107_200233IMG_20150109_084522IMG_20150109_131121IMG_20150109_194236IMG_20150110_084540Back HOME!!!BURRRRRRR  -15C




Erie Canal Day “2” – 7 locks

More than 2 times the distance but only 7 locks today rather than 10 yesterday….
Some kickass locks today!… One we actually drove through a HOLE to get into!
Check out the pics… no kiddin!

I’ll tell you.. I’ve never put this boat into reverse, forward, reverse, forward so many times…
We come into a dock at the end of the day… and the conversation (or intention) is…
Timbo… slide it 5 feet sideways, then pull in the nose… we’re getting way toooooo good at this
Allie lightly steps to the dock hooks up the springer.. meanders to the bow and hooks up the another line..
Timbo slides it into reverse and the forward lines go taught… the stern slowly kisses the dock..
We high five each other, but under the cuff….
because it wouldn’t be cool to do it in front of the crowd of 8 girls having patio drinks we just docked 5 feet beside…
obviously this is our NORMAL docking procedure 🙂

Im going to say it again… New York’ers are NICE PEOPLE… Very Very Very nice people
After 8.5 hours behind the wheel today, we pulled up yet again a Free Dock.
This is a private dock,100’s of feet long.. Free water.. Free High Speed internet..
The owner Rocky, has been catering to boaters here since he was 18… lets say he’s a little older than that now..
and owns the whole damn place, docks, restaurants, tour boats, and all…

LISA: Creme Bela.. best ever.. here…no kidding.. Rocky’s wife wrote down the recipe in Home-EK in grade 9… they can’t keep up with the orders !

After dinner (14 oz Prime Rib), Robin and Allie checked out some local shops as Timbo retreated to the tavern for a quick beer..
Sitting beside Rocky… no money can change hands.. I tried to buy a beer.. nope.. on the house..
Robin glass of Italian wine.. Allie anything she wants..
Bottle of Italian ‘after dinner on ice’ Caravella on the house
One of the girls at the restaurant has close ties to the GoldFish cracker company… your not leaving here without a Jumbo carton
Local water?? apparently something spectacular and you guessed it.. your not leaving without a SixPack… on the house…

We’ve been spoiled once again… wish there was something we could do for them… but passing the word is all I can do today!

Have a Great Day!

IMG_5752:5:31:2014 IMG_5740:5:31:2014 IMG_5755:5:31:2014 IMG_5724:5:31:2014 IMG_5753:5:31:2014 IMG_5756:5:31:2014 IMG_5743:5:31:2014 P1030711:5:31:2014 P1030805:5:31:2014 P1030784:5:31:2014 P1030782:5:31:2014 P1030781:5:31:2014 P1030804:5:31:2014 P1030798:5:31:2014 P1030789:5:31:2014 P1030780:5:31:2014 P1030792:5:31:2014 P1030791:5:31:2014 IMG_5764:5:31:2014 IMG_5761:5:31:2014 P1030789:5:31:2014 P1030793:5:31:2014 IMG_5769:5:31:2014 P1030712:5:31:2014 IMG_5773:5:31:2014 IMG_5771:5:31:2014 IMG_5770:5:31:2014 IMG_5768:5:31:2014 P1030776:5:31:2014 P1030745:5:31:2014 IMG_5765:5:31:2014 IMG_5766:5:31:2014 P1030757:5:31:2014 P1030718:5:31:2014 P1030754:5:31:2014

Erie Canal Day “1” – 10 Locks

Hooked up with a bunch of Power boaters today…

They have been in the canal system since Florida.. their winter home.. heading back north…
It’s a bit of a club I guess.. you buy a 40′ tugboat style thing and drive 5.8 knots forever.. They have a system don’t mess with it!
The great loop goes from Florida, to Here, through the great lakes.. to Chicago.. then down to the Gulf of Mexico, in-land on Florida west coast.. then back where you started..
Lots of people spending their retirement doing this gig… We were the only sailboat… one guy looked at the sails and said.. “Looks complicated”…
You can tell they are not interested in sailboats..
Neither was Timbo just a couple years ago so that’s ok!!!
We worked together like a good team today.. After 10 locks you get to know each other thats for sure!
One boat hit a dead head… it was the largest of the trawlers, and we were directly behind him… a 16′ aluminum fishing boat went by at full wake..(5″?)
As soon as the wake hit his boat, the whole thing went up a foot or more…
I was in awe wondering how this little boat affected him so much…
Well.. it was really a huge log under the water driving into his hull and prop…
we all stopped for 5 minutes to have him check the engine room, vibrations etc…
All good and on our way again with our little caravan…
They all stopped at a marina… as they need 50 amp service for something… its only $1 a foot, but why would we spend money when we don’t have too.
We stopped at a free dock beside the lock… its not really pretty… but not their fault… Hurricane Irene took this place apart and they are rebuilding big time!
BBQ burgers tonight and apparently we are having MOVIE night!!!
Lots more locks tomorrow!
Have a Great Day!!!

IMG_5714:5:30:2014 IMG_5697:5:30:2014 IMG_5685:5:30:2014 IMG_5684:5:30:2014 IMG_5678:5:30:2014 IMG_5721:5:30:2014 IMG_5674:5:30:2014 IMG_5671:5:30:2014 IMG_5691:5:30:2014 IMG_5694:5:30:2014 IMG_5695:5:30:2014 IMG_5720:5:30:2014 IMG_5679:5:30:2014 IMG_5709:5:30:2014

Erie Canal Mile 0

Finally found a map… those sure are Handy!
Went under a VERY VERY SMALL BRIDGE today… it’s a little freaky the first time!
Then we went through a lock… which was not really a big deal… reminds me of the Trent system.

Our plan (which is never really planned), is to head out into Lake Ontario at Oswago..

so the quick route through the locks and bridges….
(See on the map attached it turns north after the inland lake)
So get this…. The docks here are FREE… water is FREE… Showers FREE…. High Speed Internet is FREE.. ??NewYork gets a bad rap for being stuck up.. but really we haven’t seen that.. even the boys in the band (NYC) at the Indian restaurant put up with our antics of Wilson!
Everyone is super friendly and we can’t believe how cheap everything is EVERYWHERE… for EVERYTHING..

We went grocery shopping yesterday… we walked in light rain (sometimes) a mile or two to the store.. filled up a cart.. called a cab to get back…
…but asked him to stop for 5 or 10 minutes at a wine place on the way back….
He helped load and unload the groceries and personally walked them down to our boat..
charge $5.00
… I gave him $10..which he didn’t want to take… this just isn’t right…
Im feeling cheap leaving a 25% tip, when we have to pay anything at all.. pretty cool place!

Tomorrow should bring many many more locks… No idea where dinner where be…

Where’s Nancy the cruise director when you need her???
Hope you have a great day!!! What the heck are we going to do with this blog when we get to Sarnia… might be prettttty soon!!!TIMBOIMG_0598:5:29:2014 IMG_5656:5:29:2014 IMG_5642:5:29:2014 IMG_5641:5:29:2014 IMG_5659:5:29:2014 IMG_0597 IMG_5603:5:29:2014 IMG_0599:5:29:2014 IMG_5648:5:29:2014 IMG_0600:5:29:2014 IMG_5620:5:29:2014 IMG_5657:5:29:2014 IMG_0595:5:29:2014

DeMasted !!!

Normally a title like that is BAD NEWS…  but not in this case!!!

By Noon today, we successfully converted Island Dancer into a motorboat !!!
Masts are down and secure.. couldn’t have gone any smoother!!

Apparently we have more than 20 locks to pass through and many low fixed bridges.
Lake Ontario here we come!

Have a Great Day!

IMG_5597:5:28:2014 IMG_5598:5:28:2014 IMG_5599:5:28:2014

Time to Pull da Sticks

Cruising up the Hudson has been very nice.. not a lot of traffic, and some very scenic areas… Starting to get back into some hills, glad we don’t have to sail over them!
Found a flying fish behind the Kayak… he could be from the Bahamas…
I remember one day I found one in the living room.. They fly across the boat.. so if you leave a hatch open at sea, they sometimes find the hole!

We pulled into Hop-o-Nose marina yesterday.. sitting at the crane pulling the boat apart, getting ready for the sticks to come out today.
They have a fairly good selection of lumber… when the masts are out, you make a cradle for them on your boat to transport them horizontally the rest of the way.
We have a couple guys helping us.. as soon as they saw the boat, they both smiled and mentioned some huge wooden stands made of 4×4’s someone left behind..
seems they were looking for a home for them.

Our boat is finally starting to look big.. in the Caribbean this is a very small boat.. coming down this channel we had several people checking her out…. I was wondering if we would fit!!! ha
Should be a interesting day.. lets hope its not too eventful if you know what I mean!
They pull masts here everyday, so I’m hoping the crane is in good shape.. a quick scan didn’t reveal any recent “inspection passed” stickers on it… 🙂
We will be travelling down the Erie Canal out to Lake Ontario over the next few days..
Well better get back to work…. 8am we start up the crane.

Have a Great Day!

IMG_5439:5:28:2014 IMG_5452:5:28:2014 IMG_5461:5:28:2014 IMG_5454:5:28:2014 IMG_5436:5:28:2014 IMG_5518:5:28:2014 IMG_5515:5:28:2014 IMG_5524:5:28:2014 IMG_5443:5:28:2014 IMG_5424:5:28:2014 IMG_5430:5:28:2014 IMG_5529:5:28:2014 IMG_5528:5:28:2014 IMG_5428:5:28:2014

Golf in NYC?

Apparently you die hard golfers are OK in downtown NYC… they remodelled a pier to accommodate you with a driving range!! Don’t leave home without your VISA!!!

Sailed past NYC today on our way up the Hudson… Thats a pretty special sail for sure..
Heading upstream the current tried to slow us down.. we had sails, motors, everything just to make headway… of course if we see anything under 6 knots these days we think we are standing still…
The city disappeared and the land rose… wow.. it’s so beautiful here.. were about 50 miles north of NYC… the scenery sure can change in a hurry!
Quick post today… were heading to CatSkills tomorrow, a bit of a long cruise up the river to pull the masts… Then the Big Left turn towards Canada…
Have a Great Day and as our autoshop teacher Mr. Wolsley always said… “Don’t drink out of any strange toilets….”
(ya.. I don’t it either.. but it does grow on you after 25 years or so)


P1030679:5:26:2014 IMG_5398:5:26:2014 P1030658:5:26:2014 P1030683:5:26:2014 P1030666:5:26:2014 IMG_5407:5:26:2014 P1030665:5:26:2014 P1030668:5:26:2014 IMG_5399:5:26:2014 P1030670:5:26:2014

Wilson Visits NYC

Poor Ol’ Wilson needed some time off the boat, so we took him for a trip into town…

As did Owen’s Shirt!

I really can’t believe how easy we get around places.. a little more homework on where to stay, where to leave the dingy, how to get to town.. etc etc would be ‘normal’ planning I assume..
Well, here’s how it works these days…..
We dropped the dingy and started heading to shore.. (being in a closed lagoon, there are some options here)..

A sailboat on a mooring ball was side moored to a powerboat.. this tells me 2 things.. they like to party and they are cheap.. just my type of people.. lets go say ‘HI’
Timbo “Hey any idea where I could leave this dingy for the day???”
Boatin dudes “Well, don’t leave it at the city marina… they will charge you wayyyy toooo much… Go over to the Great Kills YC.. they are nice there”

So… off we go on a ‘finger’ pointed towards our destination…

Pulling up, we were directed to the Dingy Dock.. ok.. cool.. first step
The dingy was loaded with garbage.. I suggested we didn’t throw it ALL on the dock until we determined if we were welcomed or not… (were getting smarter with this!)

Love the accent of these NewYorkers.. I quickly threw out my most Canadian Accent asking if there was “Anywhere” we could leave the Dingy for a while EH???
2 minutes later we were welcomed to their club.. shown the garbage disposal, access code to the gate and told “No charge for you guys” GREAT PEOPLE !!!
Were on anchor not paying ANYTHING?? but treated TOP SHELF… how can you ask for more??

Found the Subway (above ground) that goes across the island (we walked up less than 5 minutes before it left on a 1 hour schedule)… then to the Staten Island Ferry.. and before we knew it, Wilson was in New York City!!!
All free for him but $2.75 for his warm blooded buddies…

Wilson enjoyed some of the main sites in NYC….
World Trade Centre Memorial, Central Park, Times Square, East Village, Greenwich Village area, Brooklyn (slight detour), eventually back to the dingy, and back to Island Dancer..
We left the dingy unlocked.. and of course it was sitting as we left it…. Its amazing how many Good people we find everywhere.. you just need to know where to look EH!
Here’s some pics!!!

Were heading up the Hudson tomorrow… I checked, Sully doesn’t have any flights scheduled, so guess we good to go!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!
TIMBOP1030482:5:25:2014 P1030532:5:25:2014 IMG_5383:5:25:2014 P1030538:5:25:2014 IMG_5388:5:25:2014 P1030506:5:25:2014 P1030521:5:25:2014 P1030470:5:25:2014 P1030471:5:25:2014 P1030484:5:25:2014 P1030545:5:25:2014 P1030510:5:25:2014 P1030541:5:25:2014 P1030537:5:25:2014 P1030517:5:25:2014 P1030492:5:25:2014 IMG_5363:5:25:2014 P1030498:5:25:2014 IMG_5359:5:25:2014 IMG_5375:5:25:2014 P1030495:5:25:2014 P1030489:5:25:2014 P1030501:5:25:2014 IMG_5362:5:25:2014 IMG_5379:5:25:2014 P1030488:5:25:2014 P1030487:5:25:2014


NewYork NewYork

Well when the weather turns favourable, you put the hammer down and giverrrrrr… and we did! Hello New York City!!!
It was 230 miles from Sasafras River in Maryland (I couldn’t make up that name.. too cool eh)
Up to the C&D channel.. There is so much on the internet about this passage.. people are working out when to leave to at least 1 decimal point..??? Engineer sailors??

(Apparently the tide makes this a difficult passage)

This was the information I found……  leave 1 hr and 16 minutes after slack tide.. then break up the passage in 2 segments through two tide changes ….

Or you can do it Timbo’s way.. Open the throttle on the yanmar engines and exit the channel 2 hours after you enter it.. Im pretty sure we had good timing with the slack thing….. we were doing 10 knots at times..
Either way it was a none issue..
Lets get down Delaware bay… again reading on the net this is supposed to be a NASTY bay..
I really should stop reading the internet.. we didn’t see a ripple.. 8-9 knots.. more slack tide I guess ha!! (and strange following winds)OK.. now to Cape May.. and into the OCEAN.. fire up the water maker.. we need the tanks overfilled.. this will be the last time the suction will be in salt water.. no chance making water up the Hudson.. too many stray airplanes and seagulls to make water there…

At 2am we passed Atlantic City.. You could see it miles and miles away.. Been to Las Vegas so with good weather, we continue on…
6am brought heavy seas and considerable wind on the nose.. Snowman assured us the wind would die quickly, so plans to stop were set aside…
Just after lunch the towers of NY City rose out of the horizon.. very cool!!! We left BVI’s 2 months ago today… hummm that sounds like a long time… guess it is..

Were sitting in a small bay on Staten Island called Great KILL…??..  seeeeeems like a Nice place???

My buddy Brendan showed us the Staten island ferry many years ago.. its FREE and goes right past the statue of Liberty on its way to downtown..
Rough plan tomorrow is to take the train (subway) from our anchorage which is supposed to be walking distance…to the ferry and do some exploring downtown NYC…Hope your having a Great Weekend!!!!   Lets warm this place up… Its Freakin COLD!!!

IMG_0575:5:24:2014 IMG_5304:5:24:2014 IMG_5255:5:24:2014 IMG_5263:5:24:2014 IMG_5312:5:24:2014 IMG_5297:5:24:2014 IMG_5323:5:24:2014 IMG_5322:5:24:2014 IMG_5338:5:24:2014