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Transfer Trip with Captain Allie

Our first nautical job.. Payment in Burgers!!! Love it!

We brought Pauls new sailboat from Port Sanalac to Sarnia…. A nice little sail down the lake..

Couldn’t teach Paul how to tie a double granny knot.. but his daughter (8 years old?) can tie a Bowline BEHIND her back!!! 

He best not leave the dock without her!!!

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Mac Pics

Had an AWESOME Race!!! We beat our personal best Time 2 years in a ROW !!! ha!.. 12 hours quicker this year…. Didn’t beat too many boats but certainly had a great time!.. I’ll have a video coming up in the next few days.. but here’s some pics for the time being !!!

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National Champs

Jessi’s soccer team ended 10 days on the road with the top prize!!  

They won the National Championship!!! 

A Very close game with their team down a point with 5 minutes to go..   They tied it up… went into Overtime, and won the whole thing..  Pretty Cool… 

Way to Go Jessi!!!

Land Ho FLORIDA!!!

47 hours and around 300 miles later, we land in Florida!!
First 8 hours was crossing bahama bank where the depth can be just 6 feet but averaged 10.. with coral heads around, it was not a spot to relax..
There was a cheer from the crew when we entered the Tongue of the Ocean area where it is over 6000 feet!!! Ya!!!!
Sailing up to Nassau we had our normal shift changes in action. Allie was at the helm when a fairly good sized squall hit us!
It was the most unusual time to happen.. I had just woke up.. made a coffee and sat down beside Allie.
Timbo: “Allie, what would you do if a squall hit right now”
Allie: “Bear off the wind, release the jib and main”

No kidding.. at that precise second her next words were
“Is that a raindrop?”

and BANG… wind went from 15-20 to greater than 35 knots…
Robin came flying up from below, as Allie and Timbo were knockin down the sails..
These squalls only last 5-10 minutes.. but at night a lot of times you don’t see them coming!
Its the kind of thing the first couple times it happens you go “WHOLLY CRAP &%$” and then it’s not a big deal at all.. just part of sailing down here.

Our second night passage was across the Gulf Stream to Florida.. I’ve had many people tell me how crazy it can be.. and have read many stories of people who never really cross it…
They try, but turn around… try again.. and eventually sell their boat…
Well I can’t really chime in on it… I was asleep… Robin sailed her across and woke me up to the buoy’s and high-rises of West Palm Beach!

Sad to say goodbye to the Caribbean, but feels like some type of accomplishment getting to Florida…
OK.. where’s Walmart!!! 🙂

Have a Great Day!

IMG_0498:5:2:2014 IMG_0496:5:2:2014 IMG_0512:5:2:2014 IMG_0507:5:2:2014 IMG_0504:5:2:2014 IMG_0488:5:2:2014

Burrrrr !!!!!

Hopefully this is just a weird weather pattern going through Florida… ITS COLD!!!! really COLD!!!  

First time wearing jeans since last August?   It was 65F when we woke up yesterday…  thats just not right!…   🙂
Just 2 days ago we were in Bahamas at the 2 grocery stores.
To be honest I think we were in between delivery boats… “Slim Pickin”
Allie opened the meat freezer.. and instantly closed it..  Nothing in there for us she said…
Then she opened the ice cream freezer.. empty
Fruit?  They had limes
Vegetables – Onions (is that even a vegetable?)
Good thing we had lots of supplies on board..
Now… back to Florida…
Heading to town we found a Publix grocery store..   OMG.. we walked in and instantly were shocked..
The selection of EVERYTHING was seriously overwhelming for us..
We haven’t seen anything like this in 8 months..   we walked so slowly just looking at everything.. even the colours of all the packaging was WIERD to us
The other customers were rushing around.. trying to get around us as we would Stand in front of each display in AWE…
Allie had half the cart filled with Fruit in the first 10 minutes…
Orange Juice… real Milk???   are you kidding me… these things are either WAY too expensive in the islands or just not available..
The BBQ is certainly getting a workout in the next few days!    I Found the BEEF !!!
Thunder is also a new thing..   big storms passing through Florida were another new thing for us
Allie says it smells like Spring in Ontario..  fresh cut grass…  all new smells for us…  how long have we been gone??
Anchored in Sebastian, Florida right now..   this is a neat little place that we have been to before…
In fact I’ve had both Robins’ motorcycle (Bender) and the big Harley here before.. and now Island Dancer…  thats cool!
The restaurant Captain Hirams is a really cool place with bands playing and a sand floor..  Its very popular because its designed to make you feel like your on an island… kicking off your flip flops in the sand..
Allie wasn’t as impressed..  “Dad you realize this isn’t real sand..”    No impressing her with fake island themes…  ha!
Fun time with a great band..  Island Dancer was anchored just offshore making some great photo’s for us…
Heading up to COCO beach today..  need to hit up a West Marine!
Have a Great Day!

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Cocoa Village

Neat little stop here in Cocoa Village.. hanging out with Family (Dan Pat Lindsay Jamie and John)
Girls did a day of shopping while the guys hit the marine stores, auto stores and of course Walmart!

Changed out the oil, oil filters, racor primary and secondary fuel filters on Island Dancer.
With 3 engines (including the genset) that’s 9 filters and many jugs of oil!
Nice place to restock those items… 1 gallon of 15w40 can be $40 in the islands.. Walmart same brand $12.88

Heading up the coast today staging for another ocean passage..

Have a Great Day!!!

IMG_4651:5:7:2014 IMG_4650:5:7:2014 IMG_4652:5:7:2014 IMG_4653:5:7:2014 IMG_4655:5:7:2014 IMG_4656:5:7:2014

Land Ho! Welcome to North Carolina

Florida to the inner banks of Cape Hatteras a 460 nautical mile journey!

Thats a new record for us..   Back home that would be like sailing from Sarnia to Tobermory 3.5 times without stopping…   

Yaya…  all the salty sailors are pointing at the computer screen and laughing right now.. 

no it’s not an ocean crossing, but we didn’t see Land or a Walmart for 3 days and nights!!!  🙂

If we were to go the inter coastal waterway, this journey would have been 11 days at 8 hrs a day behind the wheel..  

Your limited to only cruising during the day.. and we cut off more than 100 miles going in a straight line.

What did we see… well lets sea here….

1) Dolphins…   LOTS of dolphins…  every single day… Looking off in the distance you would see one jump…  Then they would notice us and literally come flying over..  it was soooo cool..

They would play in the bow wake for 5 minutes or so then take off to who knows where..  We would practice talking to them in dolphin language…  I almost have it down now!

2) Ships…   Land of the cargo ships…  we would go a full day without seeing anything, no land, no ships, nothing at all.. then BAM..  the AIS lights up with 10-20 ships.. and of course a few are always pointed right at you…

More times than not, they would see our heading and actually change their course..   love this technology!!!

3) Fish…   Caught another fish.. this time a big nasty barracuda..  Big TEETH on him…  so we didn’t invite him onboard!  

4) Sunrises and Sunsets – All awesome..  beautiful out here!  

5) Blue water…  60 miles offshore the whole way… we saw our share of water!!

Weather was almost perfect..  we could have used a little more wind some days, but better than thunderstorms eh!

The Gulf Stream is Strong…  We easily picked up a couple knots of speed at times (>10 knots boat speed at times)…  and in the right direction!!!

But let’s backtrack a little on how we got here!

It all started Wednesday… we woke up with full intentions to go to Cape Canaveral and visit the Kennedy Space Centre…

Checking out the bus map, it’s not on the route… a bit out of the way I guess when you blast off rockets now and again…

Then the final straw was my buddy Al… He’s not the easiest one to open his wallet and I think he’s rubbing off on me..  

$55 a head… what?  It was free when I was there (when I was 5 years old)!!

So… up the anchors Crew!!  and before we knew it, Island Dancer was pointed north in the Intercoastal waterway…

Arriving 5 hours later at a town called New Smyrna, snowman our weatherman suggested we had many days of sunshine ahead of us…

Hummm…  guess we should pick up some groceries and head out to sea!  

Dropping anchor, we dingy’d over to the town dock where we met our new friend Ron..

Ron and his best buddy Coco were out for a walk when we approached the dock

It wasn’t long that we learned the only grocery store was more than a few miles walk and certainly out of reach for us.

With the sun getting lower in the sky, we didn’t have a lot of time to play around if we were to get out in the ocean today…  what to do?

Well Ron looked at his watch and asked… “Just how long do you plan to be in the grocery store???”

in Unison:

Robin “20 minutes”

Timbo “5 minutes”

Ha..  well next thing you know we are all jumping into Ron’s truck with Coco as co-pilot..   

It wasn’t a few minutes before we learned Ron was a Harley guy.. and at 71 years old had just sold his bike during ‘Bike Week’   

Lots of stories were shared of biking trips between us…  so nice to run into such a friendly person to help us out!

It was exactly 1 hour from dropping the anchor..  dropping the dingy from the davits..  boating to the town dock..   meeting Ron..  Over to the grocery store (10 minutes shopping)…

back to the dingy.. back to the boat.. dingy stored up in the slings..  boat stowed fort offshore passage, anchors up..heading out to sea… sails up and CRUISIN!!!

Without meeting our friend, we would be eating Kraft dinner for 3 days…  Allie was happy to have a grocery cart of fruit not to mention real food like chicken, beef and sausage!

Thanks again Ron!!!

Internet is super slow here, so I’ll only add a couple pics for now..
Time to hit shore and find some breakfast!!  Were in Beaufort NC

Have a Great Day!

Here’s the AIS Screen Shot… ok I guess more than 10-20 boats.. more like 100 eh!

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 3.33.59 AM

IMG_0539:5:10:2014 IMG_4707:5:10:2014 IMG_4705:5:10:2014 IMG_4698:5:10:2014 IMG_0526:5:10:2014 timbo IMG_4690:5:10:2014 IMG_2951:5:10:2014 IMG_2956:5:10:2014 IMG_4660:5:10:2014 IMG_4691:5:10:2014 IMG_4687:5:10:2014 IMG_4661:5:10:2014