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PacMan Racin

Getting some training in for the Port Huron to Mackinac Race in July..  Fun day with mostly light winds, We beat the winner of the Mackinac race last year (Liberty)… Race is called pacman, apparently the course is the shape of a pacman…  we cut a few corners, took a few chances and ended up 2nd…  Not bad for first time out… 

Team Ambush

Time to Start Boxin’

Boxing up the ‘stuff’ we are storing…  Move date is August 9 (but we may leave a weeeee bit earlier)..    

Now to just get the kids to help with the boxes..   Hummm… I remember Parker, Riley, and Jessi used to be pretty handy with puttin stuff in boxes …….
Have a Look….

Bought our Boat !!!

So the adventure is kicking up a notch..   It would take me an hour to tell the story of how we bought this boat….    Still doesn’t seem true…  and I guess it isn’t until we actually pay for her!… ha!!!
We have travelled to Barbados to sail her (in March), and now she is ours..  
Of course we need to do a quick survey to insure she is in the condition we believe..  
So next up….. Puerto Rico (Next week likely)
Some pics in the link below…

Sailing Blogs ??

Well if you’ve never read a sailing blog… I guess you still haven’t as this doesn’t qualify… YET !!

There are literally thousands of them,, apparently every yahoo cowboy that buys a boat starts one…  I’ve been reading them for over 10 years now,,, likely longer…  Where’s my horse?
Some interesting ones I’ve read over the years..
First one I’ve ever read and truely responsible for the mess were in for the next 100 years…
Best bum’s on the net….
If your not into Reading… and PICS are IT….  (Same boat as we have)
And a true sailing blog.. keep it simple of the good and bad
Never can we end without WindTraveler.. best writing on the net..  I think I could pass any english writing exam after a couple hours reading this blog…. 

Time to Make the Donuts – Well lets start with Bread

Apparently Im in charge of bread making the next year…  

This is a great video that not only explains this in detail, but also shows how to score free beer.
Pretty interesting ship they are on, she is 120 feet and travelling around the world on some mission…  
The dude (Chef Tony) is apparently very good at climbing coconut tree’s… see if you pick up on it

Blue Point Race on Ambush !!!

Another fun day cruisin Lake Huron…   had some major snaffoo’s with the crew getting started.. but we got organized, whipped a few crew in shape (me included..).. taught Chuck how to tie a few knots, and we cranked it up passing everyone (almost)..   out to Bluepoint… and back..

3rd place of 12 boats I think…   
Getting organized for the Mackinac Race…   200 or so miles up the lake…  July 20th !!!