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Next time to visit this bridge will be sailing under her in a Nonsuch 30 (September)

Apparently its 290 feet deep below the waterline, and 250 feet high above.
We should fit without issue!

Texas Trip

Quick trip to Texas…  and a ball game in Toronto..

Buddy John wearing his Boston gear wasn’t greeted well in the Jays Stadium…  I was going to step in to help, but they outnumbered us and were pretty vocal!  Likely kick our ass..

Yard Sail !!!


Our First Yard Sail was a success!,, Made everyone that showed up either buy something or I gave them something (junk),,, sometimes even putting it in their trunk !!!Mail Attachment
Waffles wasn’t sold.. she had a price tag “Priceless”, and was a hit of the weekend
FoxFm even showed up