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Skittles and Snorkelling

Living on a boat does give more time to do the little things in life…  Highlight today
Place snorkel mask on face.   Close eyes..  Someone hand you a skittle…   Now tell me what flavour it is…
No one was able to get it..   ever…     I guessed Lime when it was root beer… ha!!!

Zev took us over to Scott’s Penthouse for Halloween and a GREAT DINNER!!!  Thanks to Both of you!!!
Picked up some of his Grandmothers secret recipes…  very cool…
Lots of stories and of course the night is never complete without a full fledged sword fight!!!

Last provisioning run (How many times will I say THAT!)…  Pico had to go for a wagon ride…
Robin bought a new lamp…  I see Im going to be installing some thru bolts to hold it on the table!
Ha!..   Have a great Weekend

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Last Stop Provisioning

Planning to head out next week… One last stop for those hard to find Caribbean spices!!! ha!!!…
You’d think they would have Canadian Bacon Seasoning???

We filled up a little Suzuki rental car today… tires were flat with the load of groceries n boat supplies (oil changes for the next few months, filters, bottom paint for Day Dream Believer in the BVI’s…etc!!)
Finished turning the wrench’s on the motors for now.. There are some TIGHT spots on this boat!!!

All our friends are taking us out for one last meal… This is just like leaving Sarnia..  Good bye parties.. etc etc..  Hard to leave!!!
Picked up new Reverse Osmosis Filters today… I’ll be installing those this week, but can’t run the water maker in the marina.. you have to be in Super Clean water… It’s 10,000 feet deep, 3 miles off shore, so don’t have far to go!!! haMail Attachment Mail Attachment Mail Attachment Mail Attachment Mail Attachment Mail Attachment

Facts and Observations – Puerto Rico

This seems a bit like a homework assignment..  maybe Allie should be doing this.. ha!!!..

Well here’s my report.. 
Puerto Rico 
Mile markers are in Kilometers,,, they put a sign every .1 km
Speed Limits are in MPH (55 or 65)
Gas is sold in Litres ($.88 today) But they have to import ALL OF IT from EAST COAST OF USA 1500 miles north
There is only one major gas station provider (Puma).. Shell has 2 stations I have found in 2 months
Beer has been on sale since I got here.. ($4.50 a six pack). Kinda like themattress store eh… its ALWAYS on sale!!!
A different rum is on sale everytime we go in the store.. but the BEST rum is always the same price $8.. (The others are $10 on sale???)
There is obviously not big source of fresh water here, they gather it all from the mountains (rain).. Its FREE for us to use as much as we want…?? why on the great lakes we have to pay???
Using my credit card… they never know what to do with the CHIP thing.. they ask out loud.. what’s your PIN?? number?? I yell 2424 to everyone in the line.. they punch it in and were on our way
Its perfectly normal for a conversation to change to Spanish.. leaving me looking around until they move back to english.. saying.. Sorry Timbo.. forgot your a Gringo
You walk by NO ONE without saying Olah!!! 
I say Gracias to Robin and Allie many times a day out of habit

Cool place if your ever in the area!!!! Were out of here in the next week or so


Beach Day !!!

Ice Cream and Champaign on the beach… a Puerto Rico Tradition???…

$10 valet parking includes free use of the beach all day, access to their fresh water pool 20 floors up, and free coconut ice cream delivered pool side..

Rody really knows how to work the system down here!!.. She says the secret is being nice to people… they want to see you happy…. and I’m happy on the beach!! ha!!!

Great day!!! Thanks Rody!!!

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Jessi’s Birthday!!!

Birthday Weekend for Jessi!!!   18 years old!!! Wow… now she can buy cough syrup in Maine…  Seriously, she had a cold and had to get her room mate to buy it!!! Crazy world!

She’s on the road for her birthday..played Keeper for the whole game Sunday for year end Finals, in New York State..

The team they were playing was undefeated all year.. . score is in.. 4-0 … She got a shutout with lots of shots on goal..

Very Proud of ya kiddo!!! They are heading south for 5 more games… West Virginia next up.. 10 days on the road!!!

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Where the Heck is Waffles Anyway??

Waffles decided a sailing trip across the ocean wasn’t high on her bucket list..

so she took a little sabbatical of her own..
Hanging out with our friend Kirsty and Family… She’s settled in very well!..
Going for walks down the tracks, down to the beach… running down the road like crazy when there’s a thunderstorm…
 Ya, thats Waffles!!!
So she has a new friend… Blitzen… They LOVE EACH OTHER.. HA…
 Well not sure it goes both ways, but they are hangin out… have a look!!! Too funny…
Waffles!!! from Tim Kozachuk on Vimeo.