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Kozyboat Returns to Puerto Rico !!!

Having a great time retracing our path from last year on the sail boat!

Seems the 500 mph option of traveling these days is quiet different from the 5mpg option we used last year!
Puerto Rico was our home for sure last year..  spending a few months during hurricane season, we met so many friends we now consider family!
Landing at the airport, we didn’t have our bags before Zev was picking us up barefoot with the red onion truck…
Spoiled to the 9’s (is this a scale to 10, if so, spoiled to the 11’s)…  we were shown our guest house, just steps from the beach.
After snacks, the kids hit the beach..  A huge dinner was planned with the largest roast I have ever seen… in true Puerto Rican style Zev had it was cooked on an outdoor bbq of charcoal!..  not checked for 2 hours.. taken off and perfect…
Captain Ron (aka Scotty) lives not far away.. Robin and Timbo went for a stroll to find him..
Yelling 4 floors up to his open door condo, no sign of Scotty..   Timbo giving up, suggested a female voice..
Robin had Scott out on the patio in about 20 seconds… 🙂
Now to open a door on the first floor, many people would Desend 4 floors, open the door, then walk back up with us.. not Scotty!
Out comes the fishing line.. and soon enough a set of keys land in our hands..  Good cast Bro!
Next day Robski and Timbo walked to downtown to rent a car, where the girls borrowed Zev and Yunia’s bikes and took off to the Hilton.
Rental cars during high season are more than $100 per day at the airport… but thats for tourists!   Timbo knows this game and has them booked at a small out of the way location at $24.99 per day including tax!
Flying around in our new ride, we cruise down to the Hilton Scuba shack to find Jessi sunbathing and Allie renting snorkel gear to the tourists..
Later in the Day the kids rode down to Old San Juan and visited the big fort..   A flat tire added some excitement…  Allie called a friend and received a ride back to the marina…    Timbo and Robin waiting with dead cell phone in hand had no worries, as the guys at the scuba shack kept us in the loop of the kids adventures…
Only 4 days in Puerto Rico, and 2 already gone, we are hitting all the old hangouts… so fun to show Jessi!!!
And so fun hanging with all our boating friends again!… we left here 8 months ago on Island dancer and many wondered if we made it!  🙂
Next day we just HAD to go to the Mall!!! ha…  Girlz had a blast as Timbo took it like a man (?) …
Soon enough back to beach…  cooler and beach chairs in hand!
Down to the marina for sunset where we ran into Bill Butler, a close friend and Ocean Sailor…  Many tales were told as Pico the dog ran around us endlessly in joy!
Walking back down the dock, we ran into Judith, who runs a sailing tour company… seems just a few minutes later she had us out around the bay for a  2hr sunset cruise!   Just how many friends do we have here!  amazing!
Our last full day in Puerto Rico was in the rain forest…   not the tourist side.. this is 4×4’in down small roads to the most remote area…
We had been here about a year and half ago, but it never gets old!.. in fact this trip we found 3 new caves that are partially underwater…
Im sure Allie and Jessi will be posting a very interesting GoPro Video soon!
Crazy day enjoying the sights sounds and awesome smells of the rainforest!   Never can atrip to Puerto Rico end without another awesome BBQ by Zev!  Thanks Bro!
Great TRIP!    Next UP.. BVI’s and back onboard Day Dream Believer!!
Have a Great Day!


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Wednesday we go….???

There’s about 3 or 4 boats in the harbour doing the same exact thing as us… Waiting….
One is going to Antigua, another to Aruba, and another to Turks and Caicos
Looks like some beautiful weather coming later in the week…

so we want to take full advantage of it, crossing the Mona Passage over to the DR..
Of course we may only make it to the other end of Puerto Rico…

as long as we make it out of the harbour I’ll be happy!!!  ha!

We have soooo many friends here now, its a lot of fun…. not a day goes by without an invitation to go to a home, or out for lunch or dinner.. really nice!
Robin is catching up on a lot of work, as we play a game of find high speed internet in various places each day…
Allie suggests we should stay another month or two… Can you guess she really love’s it here….
But it’s time to Go! So close the hatch’s and lets get a move on….

Have a Great Day!

IMG_3905:4:8:2014 IMG_3912:4:8:2014 photo:4:8:2014 IMG_3908:4:8:2014 photo 2:4:8:2014 IMG_3900:4:8:2014

Stayin Put

Swell was a bit too much for us today, stayin put in San Juan for a couple days until it resides… Found out the kayak floats when tied down on the deck!!! Cool eh! Next launch date Tuesday or Wednesday… Stay Tuned!
Have a Great Day!!!

Setting Sail Today!

Setting sail for destinations west and north of here.. Our hope is to make it to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, but who knows…
Its about 2 times the distance as the mackinaw race back home, so should be a nice sail if the weather holds..

You can track Island dancer on the website:
search Island Dancer and pick the sailboat not the fishing vessel! (Although we will be fishing the whole way!)

It only works when we are near shore… but should give you an idea where we are if your interested.

This link below might get you there quicker…

Made some new friends on the sailing vessel Mistress yesterday.. They had a problem coming into the harbour.. (hit hard aground).. So Timbo and Robski launched the dingy..
Pushed them off the hard stuff and back into wet stuff, they were pretty happy and so we’re we to meet such great people.

Well, Time to drop the dock lines and crank up the sails…
Talk to you in a few days!

Have a Great Day or 4!!!


P1020498:4:6:2014 P1020512:4:6:2014 P1020521:4:6:2014 P1020519:4:6:2014 P1020522:4:6:2014

No one Scam’s Timbo – For everything anyway!!

Interesting day in Ol’ San Juan… Having a little snack, we ran into our friend Luigi again and his family… What a small island eh? (Only 4 million people!)

We went on a walk with them and their dog ROVER? for an hour or so seeing all the local sights.. very fun!
Security guards don’t allow dogs in some tourist areas…
Luigi said something in Spanish under his breath as he picked up the dog.. too funny..
A block down the street he put the dog back down, and instantly security came running from all directions blowing their whistles!!!
I had to pick the dog up quickly, or he was going to jail (Luigi or the dog we don’t know)!!! ha!!!
Serious offenders down here eh!

Saying our goodbyes, we headed to the bus station for the $.50 bus ride back to the marina…

We picked the first bus available and stood in line to enter.. Just as we step up to get on the bus a guy behind us asks
“Hello there…Hey…. are you new here?, Do you need any help with anything?”As I gazed into his eyes a HUGE SMILE came on my face!!!!
Timbo: “WHY YES YOU CAN!!!”

Here’s where I have to backup… to SEPTEMBER when my parents were down

We were walking around ol’ San Juan when a guy approached us…
Scammer: “Hey do you speak english?? Thankgod.. watch out in this place.. I was just walking with my dad and he was mugged.. Cops wouldn’t do anything.. we are just here on vacation…
They took him to the hospital, he’s really beat up… They wouldn’t let me ride in the ambulance.. The thugs took my wallet… would you have $7.00 for a cab for me?? I can mail it back to you… etc etc”

Of course my Dad had cash out instantly to help out this poor dude.. when another person came up “Don’t give him any money, he’s a scammer’
When we looked back to the guy he was gone…with the money… Instantly..

where we have no idea??? ….BUT I KNOW WHERE HE IS NOW…. STANDING BEHIND TIMBO ON THE BUS!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!

Timbo: ” Hey!!! Yes, I do need some help… I’m really really wondering how your dad is? Remember he was beat up back last year… we gave you money to go see him”

The scammer took 4 giant steps up the bus in one quick motion and as he was running to the back of the bus he yelled back “He passed away!”
ya… sure he did brother….

Laughing we had finally found him (trust me I look every time I go to town)… The bus stopped just a couple blocks from where it started…
The scammer got up and ran to the side door … to run away…
Timbo standing and yelling back to him: “Sorry to hear about your dad!!!” as he quickly escaped from the bus and down an alley…

So… I figure I got $.50 back from him… no chance he was riding a bus 2 blocks…

 🙂 LOVE IT!!!!Cops bought a few Harleys down here now… I really need to chat with them about that… I can’t imagine it’s working out too well…
They normally have Honda’s or the such… liquid cooled…

I know when we brought our Harleys here a few years ago (On a cruise ship!!!), they overheated everywhere..  (Thats another story!!!)
Too many hills and not enough cooling for the air cooled engine…We were invited to dinner at Zev’s Sisters house.. beautiful place!!! Great job restoring the place Hunter!!!!
Food was plentiful and awesome!!!  Caribbean style pork!… no one starving on Island Dancer lately!!!!

We are working at the Hilton again today, no one showed up for Bingo, so we won all the prizes by default (3 x $8.00 drink coupons!)
The girl that runs the bingo really likes Allie so we generally win something everyday!! ha!!!

Looks like the trip to Turks and Caicos may be delayed a bit by weather.. So we are hunkering down here ‘Roughing it’

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

P1020480:4:4:2014 P1020441:4:4:2014 P1020450:4:4:2014 P1020463:4:4:2014 P1020486:4:4:2014 P1020442:4:4:2014 P1020452:4:4:2014 P1020485:4:4:2014 P1020455:4:4:2014 P1020481:4:4:2014 P1020457:4:4:2014 P1020446:4:4:2014 P1020462:4:4:2014

Bock Bock Lives

GOOD NEWS….  We we’re SURE Bock Bock was dead…  he hasn’t been seen in months..
Bock Bock is a chicken that sits on the carport gate at a hotel we walk past each day on the way to the grocery store Padros…

Also on the way to the grocery store is the best pizza joint in the world..   Luigi is a good friend of ours that is the head chef…
We often stop in to say howdy, and he stops what ever he is doing to come out and fist punch us (must keep his hands sanitary eh)
Well his one day off was yesterday and Kelly and Luigi came out to Island Dancer for dinner!   Great time!
We drove them back to Old San Juan with the dingy at the end of the night…  and thats when the US Coast Guard approached us…  hummmmm
Big Big Spot lights…  and crew on deck….
USCOAST GUARD:  “Sir, do you know you are supposed to have a life jacket for each and every person onboard?  I’m NOT asking if you have these”
TIMBO “Thanks for not asking!… Im from Canada eh”

USCOAST GUARD: “Sir, where is your light?”
TIMBO “What?”

USCOAST GUARD: “Sir, where is your light?”
TIMBO “Sorry Im from Canada eh?”

USCOAST GUARD: “You have to have a light to navigate at night..  what are your intentions”
TIMBO “To get back to my boat from Canada! without causing any trouble!”

TIMBO “Do you have a light I can borrow?”

USCOAST GUARD: “No, but thats ok… we will escort you back…  have a nice night”

A HUGE ship followed Timbo’s little dingy all the way back to Island Dancer..   When we pulled up they came on deck and waved goodbye..
Great guys doing a Great Job!!   Ya Ya, I’ll get a flashlight!!!

Working on the high speed internet at Allie’s Work today (Hilton)…   we snuck in the back gate..playing bingo while Robin works…
I understand the grand prize is a beer at the swim up bar!!!
BINGO!!!!   Robin just WON!!! Whoooo hoo !!!!

Have a Great Day

IMG_3827:4:2:2014 P1020432:4:2:2014 P1020433:4:2:2014 P1020428:4:2:2014 P1020437:4:2:2014 P1020431:4:2:2014 IMG_3830:4:2:2014 P1020434:4:2:2014 P1020419:4:2:2014 P1020429:4:2:2014 P1020404:4:2:2014 P1020430:4:2:2014 P1020436:4:2:2014

Up da Mast!

20 knot winds gusting to 25… can’t think of a better day to go up the Mast!!!! Whooo Hooo!!!
Captain Ron came over to help Robin crank the cranker as Timbo flew up the mast.
Our wind anemometer (Electronic device that shows wind speed and direction) has never worked…
I had a new one from ol’ FatFish that I brought down last August…
After replacing the main halyards I ran out of excuses to delay the job, so UP WE GO!!!
Dinner party on Island Dancer followed with Robin’s famous meat balls and spaghetti!

Our friend Joe is in town… now here’s a story! Back a few years ago, Joe would rollerblade (inline skate) to work everyday…
It was a 6 mile trek each way…
His co-workers starting joking, he should skate across the country (USA) for a vacation….
So… he did… twice
Then, he travelled to Australia and attempted to circle the island… and almost made it…
Travelling only at night due to the extreme heat, he was changing wheels 5-6 times a day.. The chip asphalt roads were pretty hard on the skates….
eventually he ran out of wheels and had to stop.. but an awesome adventure none the less…
Lots of stories, especially back in the USA near Tennessee… Apparently Deliverance movie is not his favourite 🙂

Waiting to hear from the weather man for our departure date… should be in a few days…

Have a GREAT DAY!!
P1020340:3:31:2014 P1020364:3:31:2014 P1020365:3:31:2014 P1020362:3:31:2014 P1020361:3:31:2014 P1020376:3:31:2014 P1020334:3:31:2014 P1020332:3:31:2014 Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.41.23 AM P1020333:3:31:2014 P1020358:3:31:2014 P1020363:3:31:2014 Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.38.38 AM P1020339:3:31:2014 P1020337:3:31:2014 P1020323:3:31:2014

Re-Provisioning for trip North’ish

Weather window to head out should arrive later this week. The next leg will be the longest we have attempted so far, nothing crazy, about 3 days at sea to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos..
If the weather kicks up along the way we have a couple pull over spots in the Dominican Republic.

Really enjoying ourselves here in Puerto Rico, we rented a car for 3 days to run around getting provisions (i.e.: bath and body works hand soaps! ha!)

Nice to have a ‘Port Supply’ card for West Marine.. we get a big discount on almost everything.
Some of the items we have been working on:
1) Replacing hailyards (lines that run up the mast)
2) Installing Jack Lines (a cable that runs the length of the boat.. you clip into this to go forward on the bow when out at sea.. if a big wave comes, you don’t get washed overboard.. cool eh)
3) Upgrading navigations software.. Downloading the maps at sea will be impossible.. using the high speed internet here while we can.
4) Additional safety gear.. we were a little light on flares, life ring, portable VHF radio etc.. now were ready.

Allie has been working at the scuba shack and of course loving it!

Catching up with old friends has been a blast! Including Pico our Boat Dog !!!!

Well, time to start storing all this provisioning “Stuff” we picked up at WALMART
Our onboard inventory spreadsheet is in need of a ‘review’

Over the last few months some items have gone missing….
Clearly the computer says we have OREO Cookies under Allie’s Bed… but having a look, there’s NONE!!!!
ha… so I guess it’s INVENTORY day… and restocking!!!


IMG_3792:3:30:2014 P1020306:3:30:2014 IMG_3810:3:30:2014 P1020319:3:30:2014 P1020289:3:30:2014 IMG_3790:3:30:2014 IMG_3778:3:30:2014 IMG_3757:3:30:2014 IMG_3770:3:30:2014 IMG_3781:3:30:2014 IMG_3780:3:30:2014 IMG_3785:3:30:2014 P1020314:3:30:2014 IMG_3809:3:30:2014 P1020310:3:30:2014 IMG_3761:3:30:2014 IMG_3784:3:30:2014 IMG_3782:3:30:2014 P1020281:3:30:2014 IMG_3800:3:30:2014 IMG_3783:3:30:2014 P1020309:3:30:2014 P1020305:3:30:2014 IMG_3769:3:30:2014 IMG_3802:3:30:2014 IMG_3811:3:30:2014 P1020287:3:30:2014 IMG_3773:3:30:2014 P1020288:3:30:2014 IMG_3763:3:30:2014 IMG_3777:3:30:2014 IMG_3789:3:30:2014

Welcome to Puerto Rico!!!

Another Hollywood passing as my buddy Bill Butler would say!.. Following winds and Sea, making a very enjoyable sail… At one point I was sure we were sitting on a couch watching a sailing movie..

As night approached the cruise ships came out.. We have a new AIS (automated information system) installed which broadcasts our position to all vessels in the area, including our heading, speed, boat type (sail so get out of the way)… its pretty handy… Here’s a sample…
First pic is view out the cockpit.. I watched the lights on the cruise ship (small dot) for a few minutes and convinced myself I needed to turn left (port) to avoid him. Switching the nav screen on the ipad to the new AIS system (see second pic)… oops… hold your course Timbo… he’s already adjusted his.. and there’s nothing to do… soooo cool!.. info shows ship name is Westerdam.. it’s going 15.6 knots! and we will pass each other with 1.88 miles of clearance in 11.45 minutes..
And third pic is the boat going by… This happened many times through the night, with big power boats approaching from behind, etc.. really cool!
We pulled into San Juan ahead of schedule… 5:30 am.. still a bit dark, but we know this harbour well..
Anchor down to watch the sunrise over a coffee!..
The only event of the trip that was not planned or enjoyable was spilling my coffee around 2am..
It spilled on me, the cockpit floor, the cockpit cushions.. the LAPTOP.. the iPAD.. The Ships Log… OMG… crazy… Laptop won’t turn on… that can’t be good eh? So pics on Kozyboat will be a little lacking the next bit until I get that resolved.. perhaps Robin’s business needs a new laptop? :)Loving San Juan… we dingy’d to shore and yelled “Good Morning Mcgill” a friend we have that is always reading the paper in the same place each morning.. He was super surprized to see us.. and in just a few minutes was driving us over to customs and immigration. Through some friendly chitchat with the customs official we were cleared in WITHOUT a boat inspection… I explained there was no dockage and I had 2 anchor’s down, so pulling the boat to the dock would be a bit of an issue.. no MEAT.. no Weapons.. No Pets.. He’s said “OK, I drop the inspection”…. Love this Place!!!Allie walked up to the scuba shack and resumed her job! She left via SUP board with a huge smile!

We are anchored beside Le Grande Blu… it has a 75′ sailboat on it’s deck… They are sooooo cheap they didn’t even apply bottom paint to it!!!! ha!!!

photo-7 photo-3 photo-6 photo-5 photo-9 photo-8 photo-4


Cleared for Launch
Pullin the dock lines tonight and pointing the bow east.
Allie is doing a 2 tank wall dive today off the southern coast of Puerto Rico (from a dive boat).
She has been waiting 2 months for someone to purchase the package (so she could go for free!!) ha!!
Apparently its a great dive.. we certainly will be hearing about it all night, as the lights of San Juan disappear into the horizon.
Not sure when we will have internet again, so STAY TUNED…