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Parent Teacher Interviews???

Good morning – As mentioned in the last email, we have finally managed to secure the berth for the Gulden Leeuw in Buenos Aires for the upcoming Parent/Family Visit port this November 29 – December 4, 2015. The ship is scheduled to arrive at *1000 hrs on November 29, 2015*. The ship will be alongside the deep water berth at the *PUERTO MADERO YACHT CLUB* – which is a prime location in downtown Buenos Aires and easily marked on all city maps. I will also attach a map of the berth and yacht club for your reference. If the timing of the arrival should change, I will certainly let you know as soon as possible. This berth is also ideal for us as it is public and not a secure marine area so there are no security issues or protocol involved for getting access to the ship (some of you veteran parents may remember challenges in past Parent Ports with this!). The schedule for the crew and ourselves will be: NOVEMBER 28 – for those of you who are arriving in Buenos Aires a day early, we will be having a Parent/Family cocktail reception at a location TBA close to the Yacht Club. This evening will begin at 1900hrs, and go until close. It will be a good opportunity to reconnect with parents you met in Amsterdam, meet new parents and share stories from your son/daughter’s experience so far! David and I will be there through the evening as well and look forward to seeing you. NOVEMBER 29 – *ARRIVAL DAY! The BIG DAY!* The ship is scheduled to come alongside the berth at 1000hrs. Please assemble there around 0930hrs and be ready to make lots of noise, cheer, yell, scream and create general chaos to properly welcome our crew into Buenos Aires, Argentina after an impressive (circa) 6900 nautical miles of sailing! Following customs and immigration clearance which should take approximately 1 hour, the students will be free to go with you for the day. We will also invite everyone to come onboard to greet your son/daughter, have a tour, etc immediately following clearance. There will be a midnight (0000hrs) curfew for the students to be back on board. NOVEMBER 30 – Parent/teacher interviews. From 0900 – 1600hrs, the faculty will be available to meet with you for 20 minute Parent/Teacher interviews should you choose to schedule meetings. *If you are interested in scheduling P/T interviews, please contact Stacey Benoit with your preferred time, and which faculty you would like to meet with. Stacey will schedule you in and confirm the times for you. Please note it is first come first serve for appointment times*. The crew will have Shore Leave all day – with a midnight (0000hrs) curfew to be back on board. NOTE – should you wish to meet separately with myself and/or Sean (Ship Director) please let Stacey know this as well with your preferred time and she will confirm. DECEMBER 1 – Shore Leave all day from 0900 – 0000 hrs DECEMBER 2 – Port Program! From 0900 – 1700hrs, we will be planning a port program for all parents, family members, and students to experience together as one big community for the day. The port program is mandatory for all students, and certainly optional for you, however, I encourage you to spend the day with us! We are looking at a few options available for this, and will confirm when details are known. Having said this, whatever is chosen will be fun and hopefully involve an Argentinian Asado! When we return from the port program at 1700hrs until 0000hrs, the students will have Shore Leave. *PLEASE SEND STACEY AN EMAIL CONFIRMING THAT YOU WILL BE ATTENDING THE PORT PROGRAM AND THE TOTAL NUMBER IN YOUR GROUP. *Knowing numbers attending is very important for reserving buses, etc. DECEMBER 3 – Shore Leave all day from 0900 – 0000hrs. DECEMBER 4 – Departure day! Departure is scheduled for 1100 hrs. For the duration of the port stay you are welcome and encouraged to come onboard the vessel anytime between 0900 (once ship cleaning is finished and the ‘gangway is open’) and 2300hrs. Please note, that all students are required to return to the ship every night, and sleep on board. The Class Afloat Parent Visit policy is in the Parent/Student Handbook, and I would ask that you review before Nov 29. If you have any questions regarding the policy and rationale, please contact me any time. For those of you travelling to Buenos Aires, David and I and the crew look forward to seeing you there. Have a great day Bruce Middleton Chief Operating Officer West Island College International – Class Afloat 97 Kaulbach St PO Box 10 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada B0J 2C0 1 800 301 SAIL

Mail Call – Want to Send Allie a Letter???

How to mail a letter to Allie:

Every semester, Class Afloat secures a minimum of 2 mailing addresses in ports to allow parents/ families/ friends to send mail and small packages to their Floatie; (Allie Kozachuk) those addresses are listed below. But first, some advice:

– Please limit the size of each piece to what you can fit into a maximum sized 9 x 12 envelope. It is remarkable what a motivated person can fit into one of these envelopes – this is your challenge!

– Please don’t send packages, boxes, etc – only envelope-sized letters and/ or mail. Often, as the ship is a vessel in transit from a foreign flagged country, sending to the Gulden Leeuw will cause the larger packages to be held in customs and require duty charges be paid before the package is released. This requires the student to hire a customs broker through the shipping agent, and is, in short, a complex and often costly process.

– Please allow plenty of time for your letters to arrive! While we try quite hard to facilitate mail delivery, any mail that arrives after the ship departs may or may not be forwarded to our Lunenburg office, or in some cases the following mail port.

– If you find yourself having to ship something larger and more valuable, please contact me or Bruce and we’ll help find a solution.

‘Mail Call’ on board the ship – even in this digital age – is a pretty special moment for all students. You can’t beat getting an actual letter from home, so we hope you take advantage of this

C/O Transcoma Shipping
Plaza Ingeniero Manuel Becerra, 1-7a
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria, Spain
Ph: +34 94 423 17 65

C/O Maritima Heinlein S.A
Peru 359 13th Floor – C1067AAG
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph: +54 11 5382 7000

Passage Report – Amsterdam to Portugal… aka PUKE EVERYWHERE!

So we arrived in Lisbon today! It was a good 12 days at sea, and we arrived a few days early. Sweet!

It was a very long passage…not meaning it was rough(which it was) but i feel like I have been aboard this ship for years already. All the students, crew and teachers have become very close and its amazing to think that we only just met. The first night was a rough night for most people.

All i can say is PUKE. EVERYWHERE!!

Mexican food has a new memory with me now. The waves were very rough and trust me the pictures do not give it justice at all. I was one of the few who didn’t get seasick. But was that really being lucky? because that means I had to do a lot of things others couldn’t do. …..Like being on watch(sailing the ship), cleaning up puke, grabbing buckets, water and crackers. The waves were so rough that the lockers in the dorms actually unscrewed from the wall and ended up in my bunk. (see pic )

Classes started while we were at sea. You can see a few of our classrooms. The saloon is the green room, and that is where my english class takes place. We came up with the name Tallship Lit for this room. Ariel for our teacher! She is very fun and funky. We are reading the book “the Perks of Being a Wallflower”. We also write in journals every day too. It’s a great way to have us all open up to each other. You may not believe it, but this trip is very hard emotionally. So I feel like I have a close relationship with my english class. We also occasionally have class our on the stern deck! Very relaxing!

Then I have marine bio in the bar with Asta. Asta is my role model and lives a very cool life! I’ll defiantly be talking with her a lot to get some suggestions on schooling and future jobs! The bar is very pretty because it has the skylights coming in. Classes at sea are interesting because the projectors and screens are constantly moving with the waves. And then theres all the people who are seasick! (Not me tho!!) Marine bio is a great class to take on the boat. We have done a few experiments already like testing the salinity of the ocean while out at sea and then in the coastal region. And while in Lisbon we have a scheduled port program to go to a very big aquarium and we’re able to go “backstage”.

My last class is Bio 12 in the forward mess with Drew. Drew is also a marine biologist and works with Asta. I’ve been talking to him about schools. Bio is probably my least favourite class. Not saying its a bad class, this just shows how great all my classes are! It’s so cool how we connect everything we learn in class to where we are at the moment and where we are going. Like learning about the mid atlantic ridge is way cooler when you’re sailing over it in a few months!

Free time on the ship is very precious. Most of the time its used for naps! Sleep is so important and it often get interrupted with alarms, idle hands calls and just about anything else.

Free time is also used for showering, homework, and most of the time being dragged to help set the sails!

Lisbon Portugal

Had an awesome time in Lisbon Portugal. It was so nice to have free time and being able to explore the city and do laundry! We leave tomorrow for Morocco which is the port i have been most excited for. But here in Portugal our port program was a bike tour of the town, with a local lunch afterwards. My marine biology class also went to Europe’s largest aquarium today and we got backstage passes. Classes start tomorrow so we are all enjoying the “weekend”! You can see below how I spend my gangway watch in the hammock!

Lisbon Portugal – Bike Tour

14009 14010 14011 14012 14013 14014 14014 14015 14015 14016 14017 14018 14019 14020 14021 14022We had a beautiful day out in the sun on a bicycle tour of Lisbon during our port programme day. Our guides, Filipe, Teresa and Louis were wonderful and provided us with a great overview of the history of Lisbon. We headed off in three groups to the old town and centre for the historical part of our tour. Here we learned about the Earthquake of 1755 and the Tsunami that followed shortly afterwards devastating the city. We also learned that Portugal had one of the world’s largest dictatorships that ended on April 25, 1974, and the large bridge we crossed under when arriving on the ship is the sister to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and named after the revolution.

We then headed towards Belem and stopped for a picnic along the waterfront where we enjoyed some traditional Portuguese meats, chesses, olives and bread. Following the picnic we continued along the waterfront to Belem, where we broke into three different teams to compete in a scavenger hunt and team building activities. It was really funny guiding each other blindfolded to a waters edge to collect water and return it to a bucket. We worked together well and it provided some friendly competition. The tour ended with a stop at Pastéris de Belem, which has perfected the recipe for traditional Portuguese tarts, Pastéris de Nata, as they have been manufacturing them since 1837.

It was a fun and exhausting day around the city, and everyone slept well that night after all of the bicycle riding. We are enjoying Lisbon and looking forward to our upcoming sail to Morocco!

Julie (Cruise Director?)