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Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands we docked right beside the cruise ships so it was very touristy.

Coincidentally, we were also beside the old class afloat ship. It’s called the Sorlandet. it is now used for a program similar to class afloat, it’s called A+ academy. So we met the student aboard and showed them our ship and they gave us a tour of theirs.

Unfortunately I don’t have the pictures from the Canary Islands because they are on m iPod that I lost… Hopefully it’s somewhere on the ship.

The port program here was a hike to the tallest point on the island. We also had a tour of the traditional houses here which is a cave home. It looks like a normal house on the outside but you can tell it goes inside the mountain. The caves are the natural way of cooling the houses and they do actually make a big difference!

A bunch of us were feeling crazy one night and for dinner we ordered zebra, kangaroo, escargot, deep fried crickets, and duck. My favourite was the zebra.. It tasted just like a t-bone stake! My least favourite was the crickets. They were absolute disgusting.

We also got to know some homeless people who played us a few songs on the beach.




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