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Update from Allie

We recieved a few text message from Allie this weekend!

She is currently on Ascension Island, which is absolutly spack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Here’s some details on her visit to the island:


February 21 – Port Program all day.  Dr Nicola Weber and Drew Avery will be giving a presentation to the students on the ship about the island from a historical and conservation perspective.    In the evening, the students will go to one of the beaches on the island and watch the green sea turtles laying eggs with a local conservation guide facilitating the experience.  Ascension has the largest nesting population of green sea turtles (upwards of 10 000) in the Atlantic, and luckily we are there during prime nesting season.  The green turtle weighs upwards of 700 lbs and 5 feet across, so an impressive creature and sight for the students!


Allie really loved this program… She stayed in a fort on the beach with an open view of the ocean all night.   She volunteered with Marine Biologist to count the nests and rake the beach (not sure if this is to protect the nests from other creatures looking for a snack?)

The ship had a couple issues lately…  The watermaker stopped working… which isnt great, as they next passage is 25 days!

Secondly, the satelite communication link Fell off the Mast… hummm… we wondered why the daily updates became very short and sweet this week!

Most all ocean going vessels can send email through their HAM radio, so I assume this is how they are communicating to us now.

Anyway.. she is LOVING this semester even more than last.

Hopefully an uneventful passage to BARBADOS for the kids!







I’m Coming home!

I packed my bunk in Cape Town and jumped on an airplane to come home.

30 hours later and I was saying hi to waffles.

I left it a surprise to everyone that I was going to come home for semester break. So I showed up to the school and the news got around pretty quick.

Not much has changed at Northern, but it was fun to have crazy sailor stories to tell my friends.

It was strange from being in the ocean with no land in sight and just a few days later at home again.

Crazy how far you can travel in just hours.

My parents had a few parties with friends showing up to say hi.

It snowed while at home so it really did feel like Christmas!

Just heading back to Detroit now to fly back to Cape Town South Africa for semester 2!

New maritime crew and 4 new students are coming onboard so it will be cool to show them around.


DSCF1396 DSCF1323 DSCF1408 DSCF1357 DSCF1345

Next Port: South Africa

Well after many weeks of travelling across the Atlantic, the crew of the Gulden Leeuw will now be in constant company into port.

Scheduled arrival date is January 5th..

The ship will have a 2 week hiatus as the crew get a nice break before starting Second Semester

Returning to the ship January 17th, they will have some port time to explore Cape Town as a group.

Heading out of Cape Town, they have one more stop in Africa, before heading back across the Atlantic towards the Caribbean..     2 small islands will have landings through their crossing.

See the red track on the following map.glSSGLJAN3

Where’s Timbo and Robin?? – Live tracker here

Click below to See the Fleet of Boats heading across the Pacific.

Timbo and Robin will be on TWOFISHCAT for the month of March..  usually a pink coloured boat …


And for updates on whats happening on the boat

TwoFish Website

Wayyyyy back a couple years ago…  we met some great folks out at Sea!…

We were on a 3 day trip from Puerto Rico to Turks and Caicos..

During a midnight watch, Timbo at the helm..  sleepy eyed…


Many many miles offshore, with no ships in sight, this was a little ‘weird’…    Radio goes off again calling Island Dancer…

Our new friends Gail and Jason were on the other end of the VHF…  Funny how you meet people!!!

Apparently our AIS systems were in contact, and with Jason being a little sleepy eyed also, he though he should call someone! Which just happen to be US!

Well… this chance meeting has turned into another adventure!

Robin and Timbo will be Joining Gail and Jason on their vessel TwoFish to cross the Pacific this March!

Part of the Arc Rally, we will be traversing approximately 3000 miles from Galapagos to Marquesas Islands…

Will be an adventure thats for sure!     Many more details to come

Here is their website:

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 5.38.09 PM



Next Port – Tristan Da Cunha (Hopefully!)

The Class Afloat crew and families are all crossing their fingers that the Gulden Leeuw will be able to successfully visit their next port this coming weekend. Weather/sea conditions must be perfect for anchorage.

Located in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Tristan de Cunha is an archipelago of small islands considered THE MOST REMOTE PLACE IN THE WORLD!

Surrounded by rocky terrain and choppy waters, the island is only accessible by boat with its closest neighbors, South Africa and South America, 1,700 and 2,000 miles away respectively.

There are approx 275 residents living there.  7 surnames00_tristan 2 tristan-da-cunha Tristan-da-cunha_erwin_vermeulen tristan2rristan-da-cunha-map


Arrival Argentina !!!

Too fun watching the kids come in today….   A ton of fun getting to know the parents here in town before their arrival!

A very cool experience for all!

A little inside information… I asked Allie how she managed to get to the top of the mast for entering the port…

After a long day of classes, cleaning the boat to from bow to stern for the parents….

A call was made for 12 volunteers..   just 20 minutes before dinner…

Normally this is for a sail change…     Allie volunteered, but being very tired and hungry went to the coordinator and asked…   Im ready to help, but really if this is going to take too long, I must have something to eat first…  he said… ‘sit down’

To the 12  volunteers, he stated.. your all going to be aloft for entering the port!

Allie is center top mast… enjoy !!!!




Next Port – Buenos Aires Argentina – AKA PARENT PORT!!!

MOM and DAD are in a race to beat the Gulden Leeuw to port…

Distance:   500 miles for Allie… 5000 for Mom and Dad…

Perhaps we packed the wrong clothes???  I see class was cancelled aboard for a Snow Day!!!  Sea Below!   🙂

Time: 0917 hrs UTC

Date: 23/11/2015

Latitude: 32 deg 27 min S

Longitude: 47 deg 42 min W

Average Speed Last 24h: 4.8 Knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: 109 nm

Total distance travelled this voyage: 1838 nm

Distance to port: 586 nm (to Buenos Aires)

Temperature: 19 deg C

Sea state:  4 (moderate)

Wind: Force 4 (moderate breeze)

Sailing status: inner jib, outer jib, lower topsail, fore staysail, main staysail, main sail

Log Keeper: Jeremiah

Other: Yesterday, on Day 15 of the sail from Natal to Buenos Aires, we enjoyed a well-deserved snow day.  Trainees had a relaxing day watching movies and playing card games, while others worked with Ryan, Brucey and the Captain to replace a pin on the main staysail boom.  We had some great evening entertainment following another fantastic Sunday dinner – a Class Afloat Coffee House Talent Show, complete with singing and musical performances, videos made by students, and poetry!

bA Allie