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Bob Barker arrives in Road Town

The Price is Right (or..  The Price is Expensive??) You decide!!!

Im thinking of a new little research project to fill my day…  Lets check prices of common items at each island we visit.
You will remember St. John..  Tide was $25.99  Wine was $6?
Ok.. lets do some real research here.. and start off the program:
Road Town Tortola
TIDE: $11.85  (Better than $26!!!)  Good thing we stocked up ($9) in Walmart in San Juan!!… Maybe I should sell some!!!
WINE: $3.85  (Amazing Wine from Chile)…
RUM: $7.95
Beer: $1.25 for Redstripe in an ice filled cooler on the street
CHEERIOS: $8.05  (Again we stocked up in San Juan.. I need to set up a cart on the street!)
Guy Parker is sure we can get a grant from the government for the research…
So what happened today…. hummmm……
Well good news on the Water maker… the motor is OK.. problem was a transfer valve causing major arcing issues..   Looks like she will be back on the boat in a few days!
Not so good news..  Electricians are all busy.. haven’t looked at the charger inverter yet..  (So the waiting game continues)
Cruise Ship Day..  we successfully passed as tourists…  People were trying to sell us tours, cab rides, etc..
I think my flower shirt was a good diversion to get us into the club!!!
Almost died..   Crossing the street.. Robin jumped out into traffic and was across the street when I started..
One car stopped, honked (nicely saying, go ahead, I will wait).. then a car came around the corner at 300 mph..
I was already committed to cross, saw the car, did the squirrel thing.. you can’t stop, so make a left and get back on the curb!!!
Allie said I even looked like a squirrel!!!  which way to go!!!!!
 But I Made it!!!
Of course the car wasn’t really going that fast.. stopped and then beeped..  come on Gringo.. cross the street…   OK..thanks 🙂
So I’m trying to eat fish when I can…  you know.. converting..   But geeze.. they don’t even have Fish and Chips here.. They have Chicken n Chips!! (I love this place!!!)
StarBucks doesn’t exist, neither does Mcdonalds or Burgerthing…big loss there eh!!!   But they do have STARLUCK’s   ha!!!..
So tomorrow (or today depending when you read this), we will decide to stay here another day or go up to Virgin Gorda and start some maintenance on Day Dream Believer..
Our little 30′ Nonsuch sailboat that we share with our friends Gary and Barb..  (You will likely  see them on here in January!!)
Found a Job for Lisa…  Surveying place…    Almost ripped the licence plates off a car for George and Ted Cooper. but I hear the jails here feed you lobsters so I left it!
Here’s a few pics for your day….
Have a Great Day!
A7 A6 A4 A2 A3 A1 A5

Village Cay Marina, Road Town BVI

Successful Maintenance day aboard Island Dancer..
Allie didn’t skin too many knuckles getting the water maker out…
And Timbo didn’t electrocute himself taking the charger/inverter out!!
Jumper’d the shore power to house outlets, and we’ve got A/C and flushing crappers! Amazing!!!
I must say that grade 10 electrical course has come in way too handy on these boats!! Thanks Mr. Harding (I think!) ha!!!
Went for a nice walk over to Sunsail and the Moorings charter place.. Walked around like we were tourists, no one cares..
They have about 1000 boats for charter.. Cool place to stroll around with a $1.25 beer from their grocery store!!! 🙂
This is where Allie took her 3 week scuba trip last year.. so she was showing us all around the marina.. too funny…

Today we should find out if the charger is repairable.. The water maker will be a week or more, so we will just come back for that later..

Job descriptions today:

Allie – Student – Get your homework done.. and get that grease from under your fingernails!!
Robin – MSDS Request – Loves the high speed internet here.. working pretty hard now so we can slack off soon..
Timbo – Pipefitter…. Moving the BBQ to the other rail of the boat, and installing a line to the twin propane tanks..
Right now we are using those crazy little green bottles..

Found a BRITISH booze and FOOD store.. (Thats the actual name) They sell HP BBQ sauce…. that’s impossible to get in the USA.. Had to stock up!!

Finished the day with Timbo making an awesome Italian Dinner, served in the cockpit.. A Jazz band started at the end of the dock restaurant, and played for 2 hours.
Allie took a tip to the band saying we were enjoying their music on our sailboat.. Couldn’t be better!!!

This morning, Robin and I have already been for an hour SUP ride around the marinas… some very large boats here.. Lots of interesting things to check out…
Planning a hike to the other end of the harbour today.. there’s a dolphin discovery there.. better not let Allie see that, she will open the gates and let them free!!!

Have a Great Day !!!

IMG_0978 IMG_0936 IMG_0951 IMG_0950 IMG_0967 IMG_0927 IMG_0983 IMG_0981 IMG_0979 IMG_0976 IMG_0968 IMG_0959 IMG_0977 IMG_0980 IMG_0982

Road Town, BVI – Maintenance Day

Well the shutdown on Island Dancer starts after this coffee.. Quick pitstop to pull the water maker and charging system off.
Determined the motor, relief valve, and control panel are not working correctly on the water maker.
So fortunate the previous owners have purchased many spares and left these onboard. I think I have 3 replacement boards?

Plan yesterday was to sail to Nanny Cay, where Cay Electronics is located. This part was easy.. Pulling up to the break wall we radioed in for a slip assignment.
No Dice.. The Carib 1500 rally arrived today.. this is 100’s of boats than sail down the east coast to of all places Nanny Cay.. ha! (1500 miles!)
Its an annual event to get everyone down to the cruising ground for high season.. They had a ton of tents setup on the beach, looked a heck of a lot like Mackinac!!!

So.. plan B.. Next port is Road Town.. This is the major town of Tortola and only a few minutes by car away from Nanny Cay..
Docked Up.. clicked on the AC and walked to town to see about getting the cell phone working again. Were too far away from USA now to pick up our old carrier..
As we entered the main street, we could turn left or right. hummm.. lets try right.. 3 stores down the road was DigiCel.. The only provider (apparently the best!! ha) on the island.
New $10 sim card, and our plan is actually cheaper here than in the US.. new phone number…
284-340-4414 Give us a call sometime!

Dinner was breakfast.. it was AMAZING..

Internet here is faster than Cogeco at home.. so Robin is getting a lot of work done.. Allie and Timbo are in the engine room today..
We will likely drop the key components off, then sail around some small islands until everything is ready for re-install..
But of course, we can’t plan any more than a few hours ahead it seems!! ha

Whats that saying.. A Cruisers plan is etched in the sand at low tide…

Check out Allie’s Room..  She is got the Caribbean Colour scheme going!!

Have a Great Day !!!

DSC_0061:11:13:2013 DSC_0049:11:13:2013 DSC_0045:11:13:2013 IMG_0914:11:13:2013 DSC_0038:11:13:2013 IMG_0919:11:13:2013 DSC_0062:11:13:2013 IMG_0925:11:13:2013 IMG_0912:11:13:2013 IMG_0926:11:13:2013

Soper’s Hole, BVI

So, still struggling with the battery charger onboard.. Pulled up to a dock yesterday to try AC power.. no different…
Certainly a circuit board gone on that baby…always blame electrical, never mechanical…
Finished the water maker filter changeout.. that isn’t working correctly either… hummmm… 2 strikes!
If it starts snowing Im going to loose it!! ha!..
Good news? Well, free internet, so found a place that fix’s this stuff..
Being electronics I assumed it would need a dumpster and a credit card to buy a new one..
Shop over in Nanny Cay, seemed pretty good.. They said don’t throw it away.. the new ones are not repairable, the one you have is.. and we stock most everything for it..
Hummm… how about water maker fixers?? Same building, different guy.. Told him what it was doing.. he said.. YUP,see that all the time.. I can look at it tomorrow..

Going for a small sail over to their marina/shop today.. Hopefully we get these two things figured out soon… Then we can relax… ha.. sure!!!

Sitting on Island Dancer this morning, googling repair shops.. I glanced at a building I’ve seen 100 times.. But never really looked at it I guess!!!
There’s a Palm Tree Growing out it’s ROOF… They painted a tarp pink and duck taped it around the tree..
When the wind blows, their seal allows the tree to move and keeps water (most of it!) out of the business.. Awesome!!
Have a Great Day!!


Hello British Virgin Islands!!

Had some fun over in Coral bay on the Easy end of St. John..   Tons of boats, many people living on their boat, as their house..  weird concept eh!! 🙂
Little restaurant bar called Skinny Legs, is the hangout of all the cruisers..  Football was on.. there had to be 50 people there.. but get this..
Not ONE CELL PHONE…  no service!!   when’s the last time you had 50 people hanging out and no a sole on a phone..  Kinda NICE!!!
Of course I found a weeeeeee internet signal with the antenna, so we couldn’t shutoff the entire world.. But uploading these pics was out of the question..
So..  have a look..    Ray once told me the best meals are on your boat..  My view from Skinny legs was the kitchen..  OMG..  Ray is Right..
We (Robin) cooked a whole chicken in the pressure cooker.. she found a recipe that was amazing..  gravy was KILLER !!!
A bit better than the microwave nachos at the bar!!!..  I haven’t seen a microwave in 4 months!!!
Soccer field was FULL of goats..  not sure Jessi would love the slide saves.. likely a little slippery too!!
Costs.. well anchor was free..  now to town…
Didn’t need any TIDE… thats good..  you will see the price in the photo!!
Did need some Rum.. that was good too!!!  same wine in San Juan was 2x the price..  weird how things are either super cheap or super expensive.. no in between!!
Met John at the Dingy dock..  nice guy..  gave us a ride in the back of his pickup truck to the dumpsters..  where Chickens were hanging out!!!
Curve signs for traffic are tricky…  I know you drive on the wrong side here, but do the signs have to show the road turning the opposite direction???  ha!!!
Moved over to BVI’s today… sitting in West end for a Generator/Battery charger test..  hooked her back up to shore power just to confirm it’s POOCHED.. yup!
So, there’s a bunch of them online.. may get one shipped to a friend in St. Thomas..   (Thats you BRIAN!!!)..   or see if there are any units here..
Were still charging from the engine alternator, which is normal for most boats, but takes along time..  guess we have time !!!  ha!!!

IMG_0857:11:11:2013 IMG_0865:11:11:2013 IMG_0873:11:11:2013 IMG_0895:11:11:2013 IMG_0877:11:11:2013 IMG_0897:11:11:2013 IMG_0834:11:11:2013 IMG_0852:11:11:2013 IMG_0836:11:11:2013 IMG_0864:11:11:2013 IMG_0851:11:11:2013 IMG_0866:11:11:2013 IMG_0831:11:11:2013 IMG_0884:11:11:2013 IMG_0842:11:11:2013 IMG_0875:11:11:2013 IMG_0861:11:11:2013 IMG_0888:11:11:2013 IMG_0841:11:11:2013 IMG_0840:11:11:2013 IMG_0893:11:11:2013 IMG_0867:11:11:2013 IMG_0869:11:11:2013 IMG_0876:11:11:2013 IMG_0872:11:11:2013