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Journey North

Made it back to Canada!   Successful week of launching the boat, completing annual maintenance, and fixing some new problems, that seem common with all boats.

Our last couple days were in Cane Garden Bay.  The weather was beautiful when we left, but soon turned ugly!..  Strong winds and swells off the nose as we motored into a squall towards Trellis bay..

Opening the infirmary, a couple ship mates were admitted..   coming through the narrow passage at Monkey point was a welcomed sight, as the seas returned to calm… you could almost hear the birds chirping..   colour switched to a lighter green as the crew started recovering…. 🙂

John Hamilton secured 15′ of chain for us while we were out on our adventure…  this was added to the mooring system to insure we have a secure home for Day Dream Believer.

Canada night is a celebration every Tuesday.. where all Canadians are called out for a dinner and discuss snow, ice, and frost..  Most people take a car to get there.. but somehow someone brought their boat (See parking pics!)


It was funny, before we left, Robin and I discussed how many people Owen would know by chance..  Sure enough, he was telling people who their sisters were and where they went to school etc etc..   one small world we live on!

Final preparations on the boat to leave her alone for a couple weeks.   The Kozy Clan will be back on board just after Christmas!

Wonderful week with a ton of work complete… thanks to the maintenance crew of DDB this year!

Have a Great Day!






Soggy Dollars

‎Great news! Installed the exhaust elbow and all is right with the world! I’ve never seen that amount of water come out the exhaust!.. nice to find the real problem and such an easy fix, just cleaning it out in a bucket!

Dive site was the mooring ball in Trellis bay.. Owen and Brendan spent most the afternoon downstairs on the ocean floor.. by the end of the day… Daydream Believer was nicely bobbing along on her “private” mooring.

With a week of just ‘work’ it was time for some conventional vacation activities.. cruising over to Jost Van Dyke, we visited the famous Soggy Dollar Bar.. a cruise ship from France was in port, making it very busy and fun! After a couple pain killer drinks we upped the ball and cruised to Gillians island.. A deserted island to ourself, we had some fun crab races.. in which Owen won everytime.. Brendan kissed the winning crab, although the crab wasn’t too happy about it.

Bbq’ing along, we made our way to Cane Garden bay, for an awesome onboard meal of Chicken and Veggies! (impressive eh!)

Over the the bar, our friend Brian was just finishing his music set for the night.. we cheered him back on stage for a few more songs.. Our new found friend ‘Arrrr’ the dog followed us all night, up on stage, and even for a visit on the boat!IMG_20141215_164304IMG_20141215_171314IMG_20141215_171603

Our last day here for final mooring ball adjustments, and a couple more maintenance items! Tomorrow we will be in a tin can at 38000 feet heading north! The time sure flys!

Have a great Day!



Sailing the Islands

We’re off the Dock!!

Finished oil change’s, final rigging, some cleaning 🙂 and provisioning.. Made it just outside the breakwall when… BANG.. We all looked at each other.. hummm… Brendan was sent down below to have a look..

“Timbo.. there’s a hell of a lot of water coming in!”

Ok… let’s have a look.. Ahh.. refrigerator heat exchanger just blew in half.. cooling water coming in big time..

Test Bilge Pump – Check

Up the sail, and shutdown the motor.. leak stopped as expected.. beautiful sail to Trellis bay.. sailing into the harbour we see our friend John Hamilton motioning to a private ‎mooring ball beside him.. 2 minutes later were all swimming..

Happy hour with John and Heather, and some social gatherings at the last resort.. great night!

First job of the morning – bypass the heat exchanger for the fridge.. 10 minutes later we start the engine.. no cooling water out the exhaust.. hummmmm Pulling the hose off the exhaust elbow we start the engine.. tons of water.. ok problem in the elbow.. Grabbing a scuba tank, we blow high pressure air into the exhaust.. nothing.. plugged.. 10 mins later we have the exhaust elbow off and quickly see the problem.. carboned up solid.. Off to shore for breakfast and some cleaner.. just heading back to the boat now… stay tuned.. 99.99999 percent sure we have it fixed.. Next up.. mooring ball construction!

Weather is awesome.. little rain as reported from Parker and his outside bed.

Have a Great Day!!




Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour

Having a wonderful working vacation down here..  Yesterday we accomplished many tasks and will be in position to sail away today..

dingy motor cooling water was plugged solid with salt corrosion.  Parker and Owen dismantled the bottom end, changed out the impeller and cleaned out the lines…   A bottle of CLR  is finishing off the job with the motor mounted on the front rail in a bucket!IMG_20141213_073654

Downstairs Brendan tackled the raw water strainer… Been trying to get that apart for 2 years!!  Inspected the impeller on the main motor as well..   Crazy hot under the hood of daydream believer.  Brendan reports losing 5 lbs in 20 mins…   We replenished this with multiple cold beverages

Up on the sail deck we were up the mast rigging the sails.  And running the lines…    This all comes to a stop around 1 or 2 in the afternoon… It’s crazy hot… And with no shade it’s impossible to continue on….   So, before u feel sorry for us, we take a well deseserved break!IMG_20141212_120414IMG_20141212_114709IMG_20141212_114656r

Today’s break was a jaunt in the Baths…  Never disappointing, loving the scenery and awesome swim for about 2 hrs.

back to work, we rigged more sail, and setup the Bimini…  We now have shade,  and Parker can sleep on his outdoor bed with a little less rain 🙂

No idea why I step on a pop top every freakin day…    Could Brendan be to blame???

It was Christmas in Spanish town last night, with a sizable street party…   Local foods were set up and the crew of DayDream believer snatched up plenty of samples…

Off to rent some scuba tanks,,,   Underwater adventures on the mooring ball up next!

Have a great day!




Day Dream Believer Launch

We made it to the beautiful British Virgin Islands!

Owen, Parker, Brendan and Timbo had a long journey, even at 500 mph this place is SOUTH!!

We traveled in a Truck, Van, Plane,Plane,Cab,Cab,Ferry,the hike! Lots of laughs along the way, everyone enjoying themselves despite the ‎whip Timbo has on them with the boat worklist!

Launch was easy.. we had some trouble finding the boat.. seems someone was playing hide and seek with us… eventually we found her! Few extra jobs added so far.. cooling water to the motor is not good.. dingy motor has same issue.. also no running water on board!

Ha.. always a few items to look after.. lots of extra hands to help out is much appreciated!

Rigging the sails today, we always have a ton of people asking how it works! This boat is more like a windsurfer than a sailboat, gets some attention! Plan to take a break today and go to the Baths.. nice spot for a swim in the ocean!

Well back to work !

Have a Great Day!




Piece of Cake

Kids had a baking day… a big cake and a half dozen cupcakes.. nothing like running the oven in the boat when its +85 outside!!!! But sure was worth it!
Lots of laughs with many new cruiser friends… we really like Cooper Island, great place to hang out for a few days!
(but….watch out for the wild animals in the bush’s 🙂

Finished up stowing DayDream Believer today in Spanish town…  A little bottom work, and another coat of bottom paint and kissed her good night until next year!

Only another day or two before all our friends leave and we start heading towards Canada!
Pretty fun plotting out the course… we have numerous cruiser friends that have just come that way and are providing us cruising guides, maps, and a lot of advice on the best places to check out!
Getting pretty pumped for it!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

P1020059:3:22:2014 P1020040:3:22:2014 P1020064:3:22:2014 P1020048:3:22:2014 P1020008:3:22:2014 P1020063:3:22:2014 P1020019:3:22:2014 P1020060:3:22:2014 P1020056:3:22:2014 P1020055:3:22:2014 P1020017:3:22:2014 P1020042:3:22:2014 P1020057:3:22:2014 P1020065:3:22:2014 P1020058:3:22:2014 P1020039:3:22:2014 P1020007:3:22:2014 P1020051:3:22:2014

Arrrrgh We found Treasure Island Matie!!!!

Heading over to COOPER Island yesterday, Allie noticed something far off on shore…

 “Hey Dad… that looks like a kayak washed up on the shore”
I think to myself…. Hummm…. likely holed through.. were making good time to Cooper… don’t want to get too close to that shore.. hummmm
Timbo “Its probably in rough shape Allie… Lets keep going”
Allie “Dad… we always wanted one.. it MIGHT be OK…..lets go get it”
Timbo “OK”… as I cranked Island Dancer around and headed for shore…
Georgie and Allie launched the dingy (In pretty rough conditions) as I circled a safe distance off shore.. The last thing we wanted was to exchange a kayak for an Island Dancer!!!! ha

As they approached the kayak, a guy on shore started walking towards it.. both partys arrived at the same time.. He was a hiker looking for washed up stuff…
Apparently this shore (on Beef Island) is known for some good finds and he was on a walkabout to see what blew ashore over night.
Negotiations were apparently won by Georgie and Allie, as the hiker pushed it off shore to them…
I looked it up on Ebay… $699… and its in perfect condition… No names on her, so I guess we own a new kayak!!!
Thankyou Allie for changing Dad’s mind… what an awesome TOY!!!  I’ll turn the boat around anytime you want! ha!

Thankyou Georgie for jumping into the surf and rocks to get the kayak!!!
Robin and Timbo strapped a cooler to it and paddled all over the anchorage..
We made about 10 new friends (likely because we brought 12 beers and Timbo was in a generous mood)..
Fun Fun Night…. Met all the folks at happy hour later on, and Timbo couldnt spend a dime if he tried…  very cool people!!

Snorkling here is pretty darn good. Georgie has ALWAYS wanted to snorkel with Turtles.. trying all week… well scratch that one off… What a DAY!

Have a look at the photo’s Allie and Lexi took of Timothy Turtle…
He has a remora hitching a ride on his back.. were in 20 feet of water..
Allie can hold her breath pretty good eh!
Have a GREAT DAY!!
Timbo!!!DSC00919:3:21:2014 P1010961:3:21:2014 DSC00921:3:21:2014 DSC00896:3:21:2014 P1010974:3:21:2014 P1010962:3:21:2014 DCIM102GOPRO P1010944:3:21:2014 P1010994:3:21:2014 P1010991:3:21:2014 DCIM102GOPRO P1010955:3:21:2014 P1010977:3:21:2014 P1010964:3:21:2014 DSC00901:3:21:2014 DSC00917:3:21:2014 P1010999:3:21:2014 P1010988:3:21:2014 P1010963:3:21:2014 DCIM102GOPRO P1010923:3:21:2014

Hobbie Cat Sailing!!

Hanging out in the Bitter End of Virgin Gorda, we decided renting a little Hobbie Cat would be fun!
Wow.. what a machine! First time for all of us, hard to get the smiles off our faces!!
Lexi and Allie took to this thing like riding a bike..
They were Zoooomin around the harbour like pros… Amazing the speed they go!

Back to Island Dancer for Movie Night… Moved the Big Screen outside and we all enjoyed a movie at Timbo’s “Sail IN”

Here’s some of the fun today!

Have a Great Day!

Hanging out with the Big Boys

Allie single handed Island Dancer down to Bitter End… Well we were all onboard, but my job was to run the iPod music machine..
She actually can sail the boat better than Mr. AutoVanHelm (the hydraulic autopilot)…
Timbo canNOT make that statement ha!!!

Bitter End is Land of the Rich..  today Robin is working beside the beach (on her laptop) at Bitter End Yacht Club, as we went for a hike around the island.

Now as I type this, we have a cooler full of bevie’s, made 15 sandwiches and are sitting on the beach for free…. with high speed internet..

I googled the price to stay here..  6 nights = $11,238  for a Queen bed single room.
Not including the 18% tip…  Nice place… 🙂
Hanging out with our more friends from Brights Grove and Toronto area this week…
Ryan Candy Sam Cheka Chris Georgie SheLa and of course LEXI!

Beautiful hikes, up and around the end of Virgin Gorda..
It appears Richard Branson is on Necker island…
A huge Black Private jet and Helicopter arrived… we’re waiting for the invite…
My buddy Zev in Puerto Rico has assured me many times it’s just fine to anchor out and dingy ashore to his place….. never met a Billionaire, shall we give it a go??

Something I’ve forgot to mention… Allie’s watch has an alarm set for 11am every day… none of us can figure out how to dis-able it… It has rung everyday since last August…
So…. we started a little game of “What are we doing at 11am”… its pretty funny.. you will see a couple pics in here of her watch and what we are doing…
I think she is going to start a website with a pic on the more eventful days… should be fun!

For School Allie is doing a Travel and Tourism credit… she made a website and is updating it when she has internet.. So far only St. Martin is partially done..
Take a coffee break from your cubical and have a look!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Even the eel’s are dressed in Green!!!
Have a GREAT DAY!!!

DCIM102GOPRO DSC00848:3:18:2014 DSC00758:3:18:2014 DSC00755:3:18:2014 DSC00752:3:18:2014 DSC00770:3:18:2014 DSC00833:3:18:2014 DSC00808:3:18:2014 DSC00785:3:18:2014 DSC00852:3:18:2014 DSC00723:3:18:2014 DSC00818:3:18:2014 DSC00840:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO DSC00864:3:18:2014 DSC00778:3:18:2014 DSC00859:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO DSC00836:3:18:2014 DSC00775:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO DSC00739:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO DSC00756:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO DSC00834:3:18:2014 DSC00799:3:18:2014 DSC00761:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO DSC00791:3:18:2014 DSC00767:3:18:2014 DSC00784:3:18:2014 DSC00742:3:18:2014 DSC00812:3:18:2014 DSC00793:3:18:2014 DSC00741:3:18:2014 DSC00786:3:18:2014 DSC00807:3:18:2014 DSC00751:3:18:2014 DSC00757:3:18:2014 DCIM102GOPRO

Brights Grove Retreats (well half of them!!!)

But not until a 3rd day trip on Island Dancer Time! Great Great times with a ton of friends this week!

SUP fighting is the new sport.. Herb and Owen had a draw after many rounds!…

Even throwing each other off the boat at the end.. a few guts hurt bad today… not theirs.. ours… watching the action of these 2- two year olds… ha toooooo fun!!!
Trip across to the BATHS… love this place … in typical Wyrzykowski fashion the main route was abandon for a less travelled one.. some spots were swam across.. others rock climbing.. I’ve never seen the baths this way, very very very cool!
Great time had by all (an understatement!).. and some tears shed when they left for the airport… I think Annie is hiding in the bilge!!! So glad your clan decided to come to the BVI’s this year!
A new crew is here now (Lefebvre’s!!)… I’ve reloaded the film in the camera… so stay tuned for more action!!!
Have a Great Day!!!
TimboP1010918:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010919:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010922:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010836:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010840:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010828:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010826:3:16:2014 P1010839:3:16:2014 P1010861:3:16:2014 P1010865:3:16:2014 P1010897:3:16:2014 P1010914:3:16:2014 P1010910:3:16:2014 P1010859:3:16:2014 P1010908:3:16:2014 P1010916:3:16:2014 P1010863:3:16:2014 P1010895:3:16:2014 P1010866:3:16:2014 P1010890:3:16:2014 P1010785:3:16:2014 P1010791:3:16:2014 P1010768:3:16:2014 P1010788:3:16:2014 P1010769:3:16:2014 P1010792:3:16:2014 P1010765:3:16:2014 P1010800:3:16:2014 P1010813:3:16:2014 P1010815:3:16:2014 P1010809:3:16:2014 P1010810:3:16:2014 P1010762:3:16:2014 P1010776:3:16:2014 P1010703:3:16:2014 IMG_3577:3:16:2014 P1010679:3:16:2014 P1010702:3:16:2014 P1010741:3:16:2014 P1010743:3:16:2014 P1010706:3:16:2014 P1010710:3:16:2014 IMG_3572:3:16:2014 P1010754:3:16:2014 IMG_3573:3:16:2014 P1010742:3:16:2014 P1010744:3:16:2014 P1010760:3:16:2014 P1010726:3:16:2014 IMG_3548:3:16:2014 P1010734:3:16:2014 P1010728:3:16:2014 P1010707:3:16:2014 P1010748:3:16:2014 P1010758:3:16:2014 IMG_3553:3:16:2014 P1010772:3:16:2014 IMG_3578:3:16:2014 P1010770:3:16:2014