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Welcome to Brazil !!

Were in Brazil! First ocean crossing and equator crossing! Midterms took place now. I still can’t see the southern cross but I’m looking every night when I have night watch, which is now 12-2am.

We stopped first at a little island off Brazil called Fernando. We anchored in the harbour and  took the dinghy to shore. Just like old times in the Caribbean!

Im on the Dive team,  as we dove down we instantly saw sea turtles and sharks!  Don’t worry Gramma!

The beaches here were the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! The island is so small you can basically walk everywhere or just hitch hike in the back of a dune buggy.

After two days in Fernando we departed for an over night passage to natal Brazil.

We have a few more days of shore leave here where we prepare for our next 22 day crossing to argentina(PARENT PORT)!!!

In natal we provisioned the ship full of food including fruit, ribs and marshmallows!

Today I went to the world largest cashew tree! It is actually in the Guinness Book of Records, covering more than 2 acres!

Well, of to the beach bar for some lunch!

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Brazil Port Program

Good morning…
I am happy to let you know that at 0745hrs local the Gulden Leeuw and crew of Shellbacks arrived safely in Natal, Brazil!  A very short but important sail from Fernando de Noronha in the final leg to reach South America from the African continent.  They have all just accomplished something they should all be very proud of!
The port plan for Natal is as follows:
Nov 4 – Arrival in Natal. Classes until 1600hrs. Shore leave in the evening until 2300hrs
Nov 5 – Shore leave all day from 0900 – 2300hrs
Nov 6 — Port program 0900 – 1600hrs.  Natal is essentially a huge sand dune, and so our students will be loading up in sand dune buggies (driven by a professional guide) and will spend the day whipping through and up over the Genipabu Dunes, stopping to swim in lagoons, dune climbing and sliding, play at beaches and generally loving life. It is a thrill, pure fun, adrenaline pumping day and something they will never forget.  The crew will have Shore leave in the evening after the return to the ship until 2300hrs.

Nov 7 – Shore leave all day from 0900 – 2300hrs

Nov 8 – Departure Day. Time TBA
Please let me know if you have any questions
Have a great day
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