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Re-Provisioning for trip North’ish

Weather window to head out should arrive later this week. The next leg will be the longest we have attempted so far, nothing crazy, about 3 days at sea to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos..
If the weather kicks up along the way we have a couple pull over spots in the Dominican Republic.

Really enjoying ourselves here in Puerto Rico, we rented a car for 3 days to run around getting provisions (i.e.: bath and body works hand soaps! ha!)

Nice to have a ‘Port Supply’ card for West Marine.. we get a big discount on almost everything.
Some of the items we have been working on:
1) Replacing hailyards (lines that run up the mast)
2) Installing Jack Lines (a cable that runs the length of the boat.. you clip into this to go forward on the bow when out at sea.. if a big wave comes, you don’t get washed overboard.. cool eh)
3) Upgrading navigations software.. Downloading the maps at sea will be impossible.. using the high speed internet here while we can.
4) Additional safety gear.. we were a little light on flares, life ring, portable VHF radio etc.. now were ready.

Allie has been working at the scuba shack and of course loving it!

Catching up with old friends has been a blast! Including Pico our Boat Dog !!!!

Well, time to start storing all this provisioning “Stuff” we picked up at WALMART
Our onboard inventory spreadsheet is in need of a ‘review’

Over the last few months some items have gone missing….
Clearly the computer says we have OREO Cookies under Allie’s Bed… but having a look, there’s NONE!!!!
ha… so I guess it’s INVENTORY day… and restocking!!!


IMG_3792:3:30:2014 P1020306:3:30:2014 IMG_3810:3:30:2014 P1020319:3:30:2014 P1020289:3:30:2014 IMG_3790:3:30:2014 IMG_3778:3:30:2014 IMG_3757:3:30:2014 IMG_3770:3:30:2014 IMG_3781:3:30:2014 IMG_3780:3:30:2014 IMG_3785:3:30:2014 P1020314:3:30:2014 IMG_3809:3:30:2014 P1020310:3:30:2014 IMG_3761:3:30:2014 IMG_3784:3:30:2014 IMG_3782:3:30:2014 P1020281:3:30:2014 IMG_3800:3:30:2014 IMG_3783:3:30:2014 P1020309:3:30:2014 P1020305:3:30:2014 IMG_3769:3:30:2014 IMG_3802:3:30:2014 IMG_3811:3:30:2014 P1020287:3:30:2014 IMG_3773:3:30:2014 P1020288:3:30:2014 IMG_3763:3:30:2014 IMG_3777:3:30:2014 IMG_3789:3:30:2014

New Mooring for Island Dancer

Spent the night sailing across the Caicos islands (14 hrs) fabulous sail.. we’re on the west side now in Provo… a Resort Island… Hello Walt Disney!!! We will take IT !!!!

Hotel here is $512.00 a night.. or… our option….dock fee is $48.00 (apparently with cable TV!)?
So.. Looks like we are staying on Island Dancer!

You get to use the resort and all the cool toys including fire ring tables, infinity pool, out door pool table, free Beach Bikes to take to town, swim up bar, bars, beach, etc..
It’s over the top elegant and were ready for it!

Spending the next 7 days here doing NOTHING!!!

Here’s the comparison of rooms available:

IMG_4006:4:14:2014 Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.53.23 AM IMG_4004:4:14:2014

Exumas Exploring

Had some fun in GeorgeTown during their annual Regatta.. Luck be had, we showed up for day 1 of the races..
The locals are allowed to build temporary shed’s on the beach to make restaurants and bars for the weekend event.. they all have to be removed by the following Wednesday.

So.. lots of action in town this weekend… the racing was really neat, we anchored in turn 3 of Daytona!! They would come flying at us and tack at the last second.. loved it!
The cruisers have a neat system here.. a pickup truck takes you to a butcher (4 miles away) 3 times a week… The food we bought there was beyond excellent…
(If you’ve been in the Caribbean you know this is hard to find!) Frozen Chicken “parts” are a common item we buy.. it’s just the way it is here.Heading up the Exumas we pulled into a random spot called Rudder Cut.. We had no idea what was there other than some shelter for the night..
Being the only boat, we found a nice spot near a huge cave.. and a nice beach! Love this place…
A boat on the AIS was ‘following’ us all day… soon enough they peaked around the corner and anchored with us..
Then another boat showed up… and we knew them from San Juan… small world eh! Sundowners on their boat were welcomed!Eventually a Cat came around the corner with a lot of screaming or yelling go on… or is that laughing??
Looking a bit closer, someone is up the mast, underway? It ends up being a family from Australia (does that explain it?)
They bought the boat in France and are sailing it back, taking an extra year in the Caribbean 🙂
Their son is up the mast just hang around having fun.. I’d suggest a 2nd safety line, but otherwise he was having fun and seems to be up there all the time…
Later that night his Dad cranked him up again just for a swing..
We soon were introduced and they suggested we shouldn’t miss a pretty cool treasure in the next bay…
We Kayaked and SUP’d over to find a sunken “Piano” in about 15′ of water.
Rumour is David Copperfield placed it there (why I can’t tell you, someone research that for me)… but it’s very cool!
This is our favourite spot in the Exumas so far (of the 2 places we have been ha!).. the caves are pretty crazy..
Having a blast down here…
Hope you are having a Great Day!Timbo

IMG_4352:4:27:2014 IMG_4265:4:27:2014 IMG_4286:4:27:2014 IMG_4208:4:27:2014 IMG_4237:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO DCIM104GOPRO IMG_4212:4:27:2014 IMG_4294:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO IMG_4198:4:27:2014 IMG_4330:4:27:2014 IMG_4349:4:27:2014 IMG_4272:4:27:2014 P1030083:4:27:2014 P1030060:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO DCIM104GOPRO DCIM104GOPRO P1030086:4:27:2014 IMG_4358:4:27:2014 P1030065:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO IMG_4319:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO DCIM104GOPRO IMG_4245:4:27:2014 IMG_4267:4:27:2014 IMG_4249:4:27:2014 P1030027:4:27:2014 IMG_4342:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO DCIM104GOPRO DCIM104GOPRO P1030043:4:27:2014 P1030034:4:27:2014 DCIM104GOPRO

A Visit to the WhiteHouse

Well I knocked and knocked but no answer..  apparently our buddy Barack must have been down the street at the neighbours.. certainly not in the house painted white…
Pretty cool town to explore..  we received some advice from an FBI agent at the bar..
don’t try and drive into Washington.. take the train in.. so we did..(worked out GREAT no traffic or parking issues!)
She said if we gave her more time she could get us clearance to enter the white house..
hummm..  sitting bar stool to bar stool we convinced her Timbo was a Canadian Ambassador,,,
not sure the ‘OK’ from the big boys would have gone through anyway..
Smithsonian visit to the air and space was really cool..
My favourite was the Wright brothers plane..  this is not a mock up.. it’s the actual first plane in the world..  now thats cool eh
Rented bikes for the day..  very smart system.. for $7.00 you get a pass…
you can use the bike for 30 minutes for free.. then return it to another station..
When you need the bike again, you just take another.. and return it within 30 minutes to the next station…
if you go over it’s something like $2.00  but we were timely getting from A to B to C etc…
The bike stations were EVERYWHERE…  very smart… we were able to criss cross the town with ease.
Lunch was the best burger I’ve had in a Long Long time..  wow..  yesterday I had sea food all day…  What a change up eh!
So sleeping on SOLID ground…  what’s with that eh??
Bruce and Barb showed us where the key is kept..  big Mistake there guys…
We might be here a while!!! ha!!!
If anyone’s in the area drop by Friday Night.. were having a pot luck dinner party
 …………………. (JUST KIDDING!!)  ha!!!!
We rented a crappy little car for a day or two.. it’s cheaper than a mooring ball!!
I was doing 80 MPH today with no wake…  Toooo Weird!!!
Well time for a LONG HOT BUBBLE BATH in our house..
The water holding tank in this place must be HUGE!!!! we can’t seem to empty it!!!   🙂
in other news…
Today we rode in
1) Dingy
2) Car
3) Train
4) Bike
5) Flight Simulator
Have a Great Day!

P1030259:5:19:2014 P1030132:5:19:2014 P1030130:5:19:2014 P1030152:5:19:2014 P1030248:5:19:2014 P1030197:5:19:2014 P1030246:5:19:2014 P1030242:5:19:2014 P1030261:5:19:2014 P1030137:5:19:2014 P1030232:5:19:2014 P1030108:5:19:2014 P1030283:5:19:2014 P1030279:5:19:2014 P1030280:5:19:2014 P1030224:5:19:2014 P1030286:5:19:2014 P1030226:5:19:2014 P1030291:5:19:2014 P1030220:5:19:2014 P1030277:5:19:2014 P1030321:5:19:2014 P1030272:5:19:2014 P1030317:5:19:2014 P1030294:5:19:2014 P1030306:5:19:2014 P1030325:5:19:2014 P1030292:5:19:2014 P1030319:5:19:2014 P1030332:5:19:2014 P1030268:5:19:2014 P1030300:5:19:2014

Erie Canal Day “2” – 7 locks

More than 2 times the distance but only 7 locks today rather than 10 yesterday….
Some kickass locks today!… One we actually drove through a HOLE to get into!
Check out the pics… no kiddin!

I’ll tell you.. I’ve never put this boat into reverse, forward, reverse, forward so many times…
We come into a dock at the end of the day… and the conversation (or intention) is…
Timbo… slide it 5 feet sideways, then pull in the nose… we’re getting way toooooo good at this
Allie lightly steps to the dock hooks up the springer.. meanders to the bow and hooks up the another line..
Timbo slides it into reverse and the forward lines go taught… the stern slowly kisses the dock..
We high five each other, but under the cuff….
because it wouldn’t be cool to do it in front of the crowd of 8 girls having patio drinks we just docked 5 feet beside…
obviously this is our NORMAL docking procedure 🙂

Im going to say it again… New York’ers are NICE PEOPLE… Very Very Very nice people
After 8.5 hours behind the wheel today, we pulled up yet again a Free Dock.
This is a private dock,100’s of feet long.. Free water.. Free High Speed internet..
The owner Rocky, has been catering to boaters here since he was 18… lets say he’s a little older than that now..
and owns the whole damn place, docks, restaurants, tour boats, and all…

LISA: Creme Bela.. best ever.. here…no kidding.. Rocky’s wife wrote down the recipe in Home-EK in grade 9… they can’t keep up with the orders !

After dinner (14 oz Prime Rib), Robin and Allie checked out some local shops as Timbo retreated to the tavern for a quick beer..
Sitting beside Rocky… no money can change hands.. I tried to buy a beer.. nope.. on the house..
Robin glass of Italian wine.. Allie anything she wants..
Bottle of Italian ‘after dinner on ice’ Caravella on the house
One of the girls at the restaurant has close ties to the GoldFish cracker company… your not leaving here without a Jumbo carton
Local water?? apparently something spectacular and you guessed it.. your not leaving without a SixPack… on the house…

We’ve been spoiled once again… wish there was something we could do for them… but passing the word is all I can do today!

Have a Great Day!

IMG_5752:5:31:2014 IMG_5740:5:31:2014 IMG_5755:5:31:2014 IMG_5724:5:31:2014 IMG_5753:5:31:2014 IMG_5756:5:31:2014 IMG_5743:5:31:2014 P1030711:5:31:2014 P1030805:5:31:2014 P1030784:5:31:2014 P1030782:5:31:2014 P1030781:5:31:2014 P1030804:5:31:2014 P1030798:5:31:2014 P1030789:5:31:2014 P1030780:5:31:2014 P1030792:5:31:2014 P1030791:5:31:2014 IMG_5764:5:31:2014 IMG_5761:5:31:2014 P1030789:5:31:2014 P1030793:5:31:2014 IMG_5769:5:31:2014 P1030712:5:31:2014 IMG_5773:5:31:2014 IMG_5771:5:31:2014 IMG_5770:5:31:2014 IMG_5768:5:31:2014 P1030776:5:31:2014 P1030745:5:31:2014 IMG_5765:5:31:2014 IMG_5766:5:31:2014 P1030757:5:31:2014 P1030718:5:31:2014 P1030754:5:31:2014

Trip to Brights Grove

Big Trip this weekend… almost 10 miles or so!!! ha!
Anchored out in our old stompin grounds of Brights Grove… on Lake Huron
Had a lot of fun running into many folks we haven’t seen in a year or so
Many people came up and said “Is this Kozyboat?” so that was pretty fun!
Beautiful anchorage with calm south winds… and of course the price was spectacular at “FREE”
Great times with Great friends… will certainly do this again soon!

Have a Great day!


IMG_6118:6:30:2014 IMG_6120:6:30:2014 IMG_6123:6:30:2014 IMG_6127:6:30:2014 IMG_6131:6:30:2014   IMG_6148:6:30:2014 IMG_6156:6:30:2014  IMG_6157:6:30:2014 IMG_6160:6:30:2014 IMG_6160:6:30:2014 IMG_6163:6:30:2014  IMG_6167:6:30:2014 IMG-20140628-00474:6:30:2014 imagejpeg_2:6:30:2014 IMG-20140629-00480:6:30:2014 IMG-20140629-00477:6:30:2014