Update from Allie

We recieved a few text message from Allie this weekend!

She is currently on Ascension Island, which is absolutly spack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Here’s some details on her visit to the island:


February 21 – Port Program all day.  Dr Nicola Weber and Drew Avery will be giving a presentation to the students on the ship about the island from a historical and conservation perspective.    In the evening, the students will go to one of the beaches on the island and watch the green sea turtles laying eggs with a local conservation guide facilitating the experience.  Ascension has the largest nesting population of green sea turtles (upwards of 10 000) in the Atlantic, and luckily we are there during prime nesting season.  The green turtle weighs upwards of 700 lbs and 5 feet across, so an impressive creature and sight for the students!


Allie really loved this program… She stayed in a fort on the beach with an open view of the ocean all night.   She volunteered with Marine Biologist to count the nests and rake the beach (not sure if this is to protect the nests from other creatures looking for a snack?)

The ship had a couple issues lately…  The watermaker stopped working… which isnt great, as they next passage is 25 days!

Secondly, the satelite communication link Fell off the Mast… hummm… we wondered why the daily updates became very short and sweet this week!

Most all ocean going vessels can send email through their HAM radio, so I assume this is how they are communicating to us now.

Anyway.. she is LOVING this semester even more than last.

Hopefully an uneventful passage to BARBADOS for the kids!







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