This is our last port in Africa!

Our crossing over was very rough. And I mean VERY rough. All the new crew was hanging over the side. Including some of the new maritime crew! But we managed to go to class everyday and still have a lot of fun on the rolling seas.

We spotted wildlife every day, including whales, sharks, sea lions and jellyfish. So far this is a great start to the new semester. This town is literally in the middle of a desert. And a fairly new desert too. I learned today that due to people changing the direction of the river, the sand no longer got washed out to the sea and instead gathered in dunes around the city. The river change occurred in 1960!

We started out first full day with some sand boarding down the dunes! The sand here is more course then the sand in the Sahara Desert, and it’s also very sparkly because there is so much salt in it. Sand boarding works by the guides taking you on the back of their quad to the top of the sand dune. Then you lay on a board and slide down! Then they pick you up on their quad and bring you back up again.

For port program we did a black township tour. We visited the villages that you see on tv in those “save Africa” ads. The people made huts out of anything they could find. Most of them would have a wheel barrow or a bike on top for a roof. Here we played with the kids in the kindergarten and walked through the village talking to the locals and learning about how they live.

For my anthropology field trip today we went in a land rover through the dunes. We stopped at a burial site for natives who used to live in the desert. We were holding the artifacts that you would see in a museum – human remains, giraffe skulls and vertebrates. It was unreal! We also saw a huge flock of hot pink flamingos!

We set sail tomorrow for St. Helana, another secluded island in the Atlantic Ocean. I’m really looking forward to this port, hopefully it will be like Tristan.

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  1. Sounds like you are having great experiences! So happy for you. I love reading about all that you do! Your deli friend, Kim Baldassarre

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