Cruising the Galapagos

Had a fabulous day here in Galapagos…   we went for a tour on a local cruise company boat 2.5 hours out to a offshore island.

Very neat experience with some rather large dolphins along the way…   Apparently they wanted to get to know Robin a little better…  check out the video attached!

We hiked to the top of a volcano..  not active, so no scary stories! Just very cool views miles across the ocean..   I now know more about lava flows than you…  Let me know if you want a lesson 🙂

Over to some beach’s in search of the pengiuns, but none in sight today…  We did find a Blue Footed Boobie hanging around which was my only Goal of the Galapagos… they are very cool, and Friendly!   Well..  to us… not so much to FISH..

We watched 200 or more circle the bay…  I asked the guide who was directing them and he said listen to the one that whistles..  and sure enough…  the one in the lead started howlin..  and BAM… they all dove into a fish bowl at exactly the same time…  No more FISH… very cool!

Then off to Snorkling…  Robin usually finds a good excuse to get out of water activities…  but she was determined to go..  and after getting out she said:

“That was the BEST SNORKLING Ive EVER Done”‘

Timbo received a smack when he suggested it might be her second time…  JUST KIDDING !!!!     The fish here are HUGE!!!  every colour you can mention they have a fish Sporting it…  and they are more than curious coming up to check you out…   very fun!

Well until the camera lens filled with water…. DOOH!!!!

Don’t worry.. it still works… how I have no idea!

Back to Town… and out for dinner with Jason and Gail from TWOFISH!!!

Starting to nail down our plan of attack for the passage to Marquesas…   lots of laughs… what a great day!



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