Next Port – Buenos Aires Argentina – AKA PARENT PORT!!!

MOM and DAD are in a race to beat the Gulden Leeuw to port…

Distance:   500 miles for Allie… 5000 for Mom and Dad…

Perhaps we packed the wrong clothes???  I see class was cancelled aboard for a Snow Day!!!  Sea Below!   🙂

Time: 0917 hrs UTC

Date: 23/11/2015

Latitude: 32 deg 27 min S

Longitude: 47 deg 42 min W

Average Speed Last 24h: 4.8 Knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: 109 nm

Total distance travelled this voyage: 1838 nm

Distance to port: 586 nm (to Buenos Aires)

Temperature: 19 deg C

Sea state:  4 (moderate)

Wind: Force 4 (moderate breeze)

Sailing status: inner jib, outer jib, lower topsail, fore staysail, main staysail, main sail

Log Keeper: Jeremiah

Other: Yesterday, on Day 15 of the sail from Natal to Buenos Aires, we enjoyed a well-deserved snow day.  Trainees had a relaxing day watching movies and playing card games, while others worked with Ryan, Brucey and the Captain to replace a pin on the main staysail boom.  We had some great evening entertainment following another fantastic Sunday dinner – a Class Afloat Coffee House Talent Show, complete with singing and musical performances, videos made by students, and poetry!

bA Allie

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