Arrival Argentina !!!

Too fun watching the kids come in today….   A ton of fun getting to know the parents here in town before their arrival!

A very cool experience for all!

A little inside information… I asked Allie how she managed to get to the top of the mast for entering the port…

After a long day of classes, cleaning the boat to from bow to stern for the parents….

A call was made for 12 volunteers..   just 20 minutes before dinner…

Normally this is for a sail change…     Allie volunteered, but being very tired and hungry went to the coordinator and asked…   Im ready to help, but really if this is going to take too long, I must have something to eat first…  he said… ‘sit down’

To the 12  volunteers, he stated.. your all going to be aloft for entering the port!

Allie is center top mast… enjoy !!!!




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