King Neptune Arrives!

Good morning –

As we live vicariously through our crew these days I know many of you are very interested in this, so thought I would pass along.
According to the Captain, last night there was some very serious rumblings in the area the ship was sailing in by King Neptune as he learned of the imminent approach of a crew of straggly, novice, yet intrepid Pollywogs toward the Equator. This is taken very seriously as passage across the line will only be granted if and when King Neptune deems them worthy to enter his kingdom and then be protected by him forever on the high seas.
It is my understanding Neptune will order the ship to strike all sails and stop around 1500hrs this afternoon circa 580 nautical miles off the coast of Brazil. King Neptune will board with his loyal court of advisors, and the Captain will turn his vessel and crew over to him for a thorough inspection and interrogation.
I’m confident that by the end of today all crew will join the ranks of Shellbacks, proudly earn their Shellback name, and have a fantastic day. Details of the day and ceremony will forever remain a secret unless you are in a fact a Shellback. Fantastic stuff!
Have a great day

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