Dakar, Senegal

So were back in the Africa! I lost my iPod in the Canary Islands, so all y pictures were lost and it was hard to get a hold of my dad to update kozyboat!

But we are now in Senegal and for this port program we are staying with Senegalese students in their homes.

Max and I have the same girl. Her name is Amina and she’s twenty. She took us around town yesterday and out to the beach for a fresh cooked fish on the beach.

Our host students are best friends with another host student so we were able to meet up with some girls from our boat, Alex and Jasmine. There is no running water here so we use a bucket of water to shower. But that’s still better then having a shower on the boat because captain has called off all showers due to low water levels…

The toilets here are holes in the ground!

French is the main language here so I’ve been getting a lot of practice! They also speak Wolof too but I can only say a few basic words.

Yesterday we went to an orphanage and played with the kids. They are all under 16 years old and were very happy to see us.

They have 10 kids per house and one “mother” who look after them.


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