Update from the Gulden Leeuw

Good morning –

Today the crew of the Gulden Leeuw woke up on their 4th morning
onboard the vessel at sea!  I wanted to send you a quick note to let
you know everyone is doing well and adjusting well to life at sea.

According to Sean and the Captain, on the first couple of days the
crew encountered what I will refer too as refreshing and brisk sea
conditions – nothing like a proper welcome to sailing!  This caused a
significant percentage of the crew to be lucky enough to experience
sea sickness – a normal rite of passage, but my understanding is the
crew are largely getting their sea legs and are well on their way to
become seasoned sailors.  Everyone is settling into the day to day
routines of life at sea with class, colors, sleeping, eating,
cleaning, day and night watch and galley duty and learning how not to
be 1 minute late for anything!!!  Classes started as planned yesterday
and will continue until arrival in Lisbon.

The wind has been favorable for sailing and the crew were able to
hoist most of the sails and sail down the English Channel – seeing the
Gulden Leeuw heeled over under full-sail at sea punching along would
have been a spectacular sight.

Currently, the ship is sailing in very light winds (Beaufort 1) 16
degrees Celsius, and clear skies in the middle of the English Channel
off the coast of Plymouth, UK.  They have sailed 119nm in the last
24hours, and are 813 nm from Lisbon, Portugal!

So, all is well onboard the Gulden Leeuw, and we should all be proud
of their progress so far.  By the time our fine crew arrive in Lisbon
they will be working as 1 crew with 1 mission which is to sail and
care for their ship with teamwork, growing skill and determination.
They will have gotten their sealegs, and will be well into this
incredible voyage and experience.   I am sure they will also have some
great stories for you too!

The day before arrival in Lisbon (September 16th) I will send you an
update on the sail, and the port schedule for Lisbon.  In the
meantime, as always, if you have questions or concerns please contact
me anytime.

Have a great day


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