Sailing update Sept 8

Hello everyone!

Please find below your first official sailing update from the Gulden Leeuw – the first of many!

Time: 0625hrs

Date: 08/09/2015

Latitude: 48 deg 16 min N

Longitude: 05 deg 00 min W

Average Speed Last 24h: 5.2 Knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: 98 nm

Total distance travelled this voyage: 445 nm

Distance to port: 738 nm

Temperature: 14 deg C

Sea state:  1 (calm – rippled)

Wind: Force 3 (gentle breeze)

Sailing status: flying jib, outer jib, inner jib, course, lower topsail, upper topsail, topgallant, main staysail, mainsail, mizzen

Log Keeper: Marguerite

Other: The watches continue to learn about the ways of the ship and how to be a sailor.  Today the horizon shows no other ships – it should be a beautiful day of sailing!

A few things:

nm = nautical mile (1 nm = 1,852 metres, or about 6,076 feet)

Sea State scale –

Beaufort Wind Scale –

For those of you who are interested, there are several ways to track the ship’s progress, in addition to these updates I’ll be sending.  Our website is linked to the ship’s Yellowbrick tracker, where progress is updated every 4 hours; you can check it out here:  For now, please choose the option to view “Last 30 days” from the dropdown menu at the top left.

Another way to track the progress is via; you can search for the Gulden Leeuw using the search tool at the upper left corner.  The ship will appear as a purple icon that you can click on for more information.

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