Pictures from Morocco

Recieved a late night phone call from Allie…  She is doing very well and very very happy!

There was some comment that she certainly wants to stay the WHOLE YEAR???  hummm  line was a little staticy so we’ll just ignore that for now….

She is heading into the desert today, so will be ‘off the grid’ for a few days!… I’ll attach a post she had on facebook below… I think she will have some time later in the week to post an update with some pics and stories..

We do have some ‘coles’ notes from the 2am phone call… that is unless it was a dream… ha

Allie said she is in Zagora and going to the Sahara Desert on Camel. The girls cannot go anywhere in town without a boy.  Everyone dresses like the photo’s attached, with the store people wrapping their heads for them.  They are hoping to watch the lunar eclipse tonight in the desert.   Onboard, Allie has been elected into student council and is running for Prime minister. The onboard, Prime minister, gets to talk to media when they come aboard. Shes doing very well in her courses…getting 90’s on all her test.   Waiting to enter the harbour about a mile offshore, they all went swimming at anchor…it was very salty due to the evaporation there.  The industrial marina that the boat is docked at is not too nice at all…there are a bunch of dead fish, with their heads cut off.   The town is beautiful.

OK.. now for something from Allie…..  see below



Welcome to Morocco! And it’s raining? In the desert?! We stayed the night at a hotel and we’re leaving in a few minutes to go riding camels. Then tonight we’re camping out in the desert hoping to see the lunar eclipse! alliemorocco2alliemorocco

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