Lisbon Portugal – Bike Tour

14009 14010 14011 14012 14013 14014 14014 14015 14015 14016 14017 14018 14019 14020 14021 14022We had a beautiful day out in the sun on a bicycle tour of Lisbon during our port programme day. Our guides, Filipe, Teresa and Louis were wonderful and provided us with a great overview of the history of Lisbon. We headed off in three groups to the old town and centre for the historical part of our tour. Here we learned about the Earthquake of 1755 and the Tsunami that followed shortly afterwards devastating the city. We also learned that Portugal had one of the world’s largest dictatorships that ended on April 25, 1974, and the large bridge we crossed under when arriving on the ship is the sister to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and named after the revolution.

We then headed towards Belem and stopped for a picnic along the waterfront where we enjoyed some traditional Portuguese meats, chesses, olives and bread. Following the picnic we continued along the waterfront to Belem, where we broke into three different teams to compete in a scavenger hunt and team building activities. It was really funny guiding each other blindfolded to a waters edge to collect water and return it to a bucket. We worked together well and it provided some friendly competition. The tour ended with a stop at Pastéris de Belem, which has perfected the recipe for traditional Portuguese tarts, Pastéris de Nata, as they have been manufacturing them since 1837.

It was a fun and exhausting day around the city, and everyone slept well that night after all of the bicycle riding. We are enjoying Lisbon and looking forward to our upcoming sail to Morocco!

Julie (Cruise Director?)

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