Last few Days in Amsterdam

So had a very busy last few days. We are learning all about the ship, about watch other and still trying to learn about Amsterdam. I went on a little adventure with the medical officer today, Hannah, into town to have a rash looked at that has started to come on my stomach. We leave tomorrow for a 15-day sail and its best to have this looked at. So we took the free ferry over to Centraal Amsterdam. Then we tried to hail a cab but no one wanted to take us to the walk in clinic… That’s probably because it is literally right down the block from us.. whoops. Oh well so when we got there we were informed that the doctor could not see us because he was going for a visitation. So we leave tomorrow at 11 and we can’t see the doctor. Did I mention that the rash is spreading, quickly?! But no worries everything always works out somehow. The doctor was very nice and would be able to take us in an hour. So we went out for lunch. It was nice to have some alone time and be able to just chill out. I’m learning that you take the alone time whenever you can get it. So Hannah and I had a really good sandwich sitting on the edge of a cannel. I went up aloft today. That is when you climb the mast. Such a cool experience!! Check out the pictures below! We leave for Lisbon Portugal tomorrow morning at 11. So tonight will be filled with storing and getting the ship ready. I also have gangway watch with Mary from 8-10, so unfortunately I wont be able to go out for dinner and explore Amsterdam for the last time.

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