I’ve been through the desert on a “Camel” with no name


Hi All… Allie here!

The port program in Morocco is pretty amazing!

We started off our adventure at 530am on the 27th on a coach bus! We drove through Morocco for about 7 hours stopping at markets, blanket weaving places, pottery places, for lunch.

Then we ended up at a hotel for the night. The traditional toilets here holes in the ground, very different!

Also the pop is made with sugar instead of corn syrup so it tastes so much better. On day two we drove a few more hours to the edge of the Sahara desert to ride some camels. We rode them for probably two hours to a camp out place where we stayed in tents for the night.

There was live traditional music and dancing and a Bon fire! We explored the dunes which included running down them, falling down them, rolling, sliding, and flipping! The sand in the desert is so fine and soft, as I’m sure you’ve heard before. But it’s so fine that it gets in the crevices of our hands and no matter how many times we wash our hands, they still look dirty!

So after the very relaxing night in the desert we got back on the camels and headed back To our bus.

Last night, we stayed in a hotel again in a valley. Activities for this morning: hiking. Because that’s about all there is to do here!

Next stop Canary Islands! I’m ready to go snorkelling!!!”

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One thought on “I’ve been through the desert on a “Camel” with no name”

  1. Allie,
    We love seeing your posts and pictures. It’s really fun to follow your journey and learn a little more about the world. Living vicariously through you!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jill & Jon Jones

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