Passage Report – Amsterdam to Portugal… aka PUKE EVERYWHERE!

So we arrived in Lisbon today! It was a good 12 days at sea, and we arrived a few days early. Sweet!

It was a very long passage…not meaning it was rough(which it was) but i feel like I have been aboard this ship for years already. All the students, crew and teachers have become very close and its amazing to think that we only just met. The first night was a rough night for most people.

All i can say is PUKE. EVERYWHERE!!

Mexican food has a new memory with me now. The waves were very rough and trust me the pictures do not give it justice at all. I was one of the few who didn’t get seasick. But was that really being lucky? because that means I had to do a lot of things others couldn’t do. …..Like being on watch(sailing the ship), cleaning up puke, grabbing buckets, water and crackers. The waves were so rough that the lockers in the dorms actually unscrewed from the wall and ended up in my bunk. (see pic )

Classes started while we were at sea. You can see a few of our classrooms. The saloon is the green room, and that is where my english class takes place. We came up with the name Tallship Lit for this room. Ariel for our teacher! She is very fun and funky. We are reading the book “the Perks of Being a Wallflower”. We also write in journals every day too. It’s a great way to have us all open up to each other. You may not believe it, but this trip is very hard emotionally. So I feel like I have a close relationship with my english class. We also occasionally have class our on the stern deck! Very relaxing!

Then I have marine bio in the bar with Asta. Asta is my role model and lives a very cool life! I’ll defiantly be talking with her a lot to get some suggestions on schooling and future jobs! The bar is very pretty because it has the skylights coming in. Classes at sea are interesting because the projectors and screens are constantly moving with the waves. And then theres all the people who are seasick! (Not me tho!!) Marine bio is a great class to take on the boat. We have done a few experiments already like testing the salinity of the ocean while out at sea and then in the coastal region. And while in Lisbon we have a scheduled port program to go to a very big aquarium and we’re able to go “backstage”.

My last class is Bio 12 in the forward mess with Drew. Drew is also a marine biologist and works with Asta. I’ve been talking to him about schools. Bio is probably my least favourite class. Not saying its a bad class, this just shows how great all my classes are! It’s so cool how we connect everything we learn in class to where we are at the moment and where we are going. Like learning about the mid atlantic ridge is way cooler when you’re sailing over it in a few months!

Free time on the ship is very precious. Most of the time its used for naps! Sleep is so important and it often get interrupted with alarms, idle hands calls and just about anything else.

Free time is also used for showering, homework, and most of the time being dragged to help set the sails!

3 thoughts on “Passage Report – Amsterdam to Portugal… aka PUKE EVERYWHERE!”

  1. Trial by fire ! You know, if you ever have kids you will all set !
    Glad you made it to port . Enjoy Lisbon.
    Carol 👩🏻⛵️

  2. Really awesome Allie. You are clearly in your element and gaining lifelong experiences. Kudos to your parents for helping you make it a reality.

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