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Hey guys! Allie here Well I am all packed up and waiting for my flight in Toronto right now. Free internet so why not make my first official update! So I’ve had a few going away parties the last couple of days. All hosted at our marina. It was great to say my final good byes! There was some live music and bracelet making going on. And how could I forget about my dad famous homemade chili? Then the next night was my friends party, tons of snacks, drinks and even glow in the dark soccer. Thanks Noah for the super chic polaroid pictures. Crazy its finally starting to feel real. Lots of videos to come of the ship, the Gulden Leeuw once I land in Amsterdam tomorrow at 12 CEST time (that is Central European Summer Time). Thanks to everyone who has donated to my crazy adventure and all those who have supported me! But a big thanks to my parents Robin and Tim. Love you guys Have a great day! I know I will! ALLIE

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