Mail Call – Want to Send Allie a Letter???

How to mail a letter to Allie:

Every semester, Class Afloat secures a minimum of 2 mailing addresses in ports to allow parents/ families/ friends to send mail and small packages to their Floatie; (Allie Kozachuk) those addresses are listed below. But first, some advice:

– Please limit the size of each piece to what you can fit into a maximum sized 9 x 12 envelope. It is remarkable what a motivated person can fit into one of these envelopes – this is your challenge!

– Please don’t send packages, boxes, etc – only envelope-sized letters and/ or mail. Often, as the ship is a vessel in transit from a foreign flagged country, sending to the Gulden Leeuw will cause the larger packages to be held in customs and require duty charges be paid before the package is released. This requires the student to hire a customs broker through the shipping agent, and is, in short, a complex and often costly process.

– Please allow plenty of time for your letters to arrive! While we try quite hard to facilitate mail delivery, any mail that arrives after the ship departs may or may not be forwarded to our Lunenburg office, or in some cases the following mail port.

– If you find yourself having to ship something larger and more valuable, please contact me or Bruce and we’ll help find a solution.

‘Mail Call’ on board the ship – even in this digital age – is a pretty special moment for all students. You can’t beat getting an actual letter from home, so we hope you take advantage of this

C/O Transcoma Shipping
Plaza Ingeniero Manuel Becerra, 1-7a
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria, Spain
Ph: +34 94 423 17 65

C/O Maritima Heinlein S.A
Peru 359 13th Floor – C1067AAG
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph: +54 11 5382 7000

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