Island Hopping with Snowman

Had a great couple weeks hopping around the islands..

We circled all the big islands, some more than once! Fun Group this year, with Robin’s sister Char and Donny, Brendan/Tracy, Snowman and Candy.. Later Allie arrived

Found a new anchorage on St. John called Round Bay.. neat spot! Allie learned to free dive to 40 feet for about 2 minutes.. Our friends Matt and Erica on a Gulfstar 54 showed her the technique..

They spent an hour on the beach to learn the breathing, then a couple hours by their boat.. She enjoys it more than scuba..

Robin not so much… 🙂

Spent 2 days snorkelling the area, before pulling anchor and heading to the BVI’s.. We met up with Snowman in the North sound…

In Leverek bay we went to the Pirate show… Michael Bean… we have been trying to see that show for a few years now..

It’s pretty fun! Certainly get’s the whole crowd involved!

Last sail of the year was a neck n neck race back to Spanish town… Great Trip, everyone had a blast…

Have a Great Day!


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