DayDream Believer – Goes to Bed

Decommissioning is now complete… we pulled DB out of the water Wednesday morning in Spanish Yacht harbour Virgin Gorda.

Checking with the office that my reservation was valid (it had been a couple months)

Timbo: “Hi, Im here to check on my haulout date”

Office Girl: “Yes you are confirmed”

Timbo: “For Day Dream Believer?” Office Girl: “Yes” Timbo: “For Tomorrow morning?”

Office Girl: “Yes”

Timbo: “8am?”

Office Girl: “Yes”

I have no idea how she knew who I was.. this happened last year too… at that time she asked where Gary was (Partner we share the boat with).. Good memory!

It was St. Patricks day… a bunch of catamaran boats showed up.. boxed us into our slip… with an 8am haulout.. I was certain they would still be asleep.. I checked with the skipper and he was convinced 8am was no issue.. Well.. you should have seen that crew at 7:45am.. they certainly had too many Green Beers!!!

Not nearly as chatty as the night before! ha

Derigging went really well.. Allie and Timbo worked on the outside.. While Robin varnished the bathroom (head)..

We rented a little cottage on the ocean to sleep in while taking the boat apart.. nice walk down the beach from the marina… what a nice spot!

6am Ferry to St. Thomas and now heading to the airport! Great year for DayDream Believer… She was used almost continuously since being dropped in the water back in December…

Until next year!

Lets hope for NO HURRICANES!!!

Have a Great Day!


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