Captain Charlette

Just finished an awesome week onboard DayDream Believer with Robin’s sister Charlette and Donny.

Also Brendan and Tracy were with us much the trip on Snowman and Candy’s sailboat.. it was so fun chasing each other from anchorage to anchorage.

Great weather, we’ve been sailing all around the islands here having a grand time. It was an action packed week for everyone, as we wanted to hit many of the main attractions of the area.. I think we did pretty well!

COURSE: FullMoon Party at Trellis.. Baths in Spanish town, Charlotte learned to sail up to Saba Rock in the North south…. hiked the bitter end ‘Guys Trail’ Sails up for a race to Cane Garden bay with Donny at the wheel.. Sailed over to Sandy spit an all sand island.. sails up to Great Harbour.. Visit to Foxys, Soggy dollar of course… Cross the open channel to St. John to re-enter the USA at Cruz bay.. Up to MAHO beach, sailed to Cinnamon, hiked the Centre road trail.. Sailed to RedHook… jumped a plane and headed back to Seattle! So they found little time to be bored….!!!!

It was Really fun having them onboard… They signed up for next year… now that Charlotte is a master sailor and has a few more lessons to give Donny! 🙂

and get this… were only HALF THRU!!!… Crew change today… ALLIE comes aboard for a couple days of fun… then a few days of de-commissioning DayDream Believer for the offseason….

We will be slowing heading back up to Spanish town for haul out next Wednesday morning..

Strangest thing.. we ran into the IDENTICAL boat of Island Dancer.. funny to have both boats moored beside each other… Hoping to run into them again this week… they have 3 girls on board and want to meet Allie to go snorkelling..

A little shy on pics so far.. had some trouble downloading from Charlottes phone, so we can catch up on that later.. for now here’s a couple!

Have a Great Day!


IMG_20150311_094107 IMG_20150311_085905 IMG_20150309_161907 IMG_20150312_145822 IMG_20150306_130339 IMG_20150309_132345 IMG_1148 IMG_20150309_130444 IMG_1149 IMG_20150309_132238 IMG_20150309_102809 IMG_1105 IMG_1114 IMG_1100 IMG_1118 IMG_1095 IMG_1076 IMG_1079 IMG_1094 IMG_1088 IMG_1039

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