Rain Forest Adventure

Kozyboat crew flew over to British Virgin Islands to Day Dream Believer!!

Our great friends John and Heather Hamilton picked us up at the dock, and what luck for us, it was Canada Night!
This is a weekly get together with Canadians at a interesting restaurant a couple towns over from the boat (located in Trellis Bay).
Dinner was extra special with a spectacular 30 minute power outage to add to the atmosphere!..  Candles and flashlights for All!
The next day was fun, Kozyboat split up with Robin and Jessi into town provisioning, while Allie and Timbo completed some boat jobs..
A Stanction holder was replaced.. Boat hook fixed up, while we waited for our refrigeration guy (Guido) to show up…
He was almost on time (just 6 hours late) and surveyed the new exchanger Timbo found in Canada, and old one on DayDream Believer…
Guido hired Timbo to evacuate the freon (loosen da nut on the compressor mon)..  and bolt up the new exchanger…
Over a cold beer he suggested he would be back tomorrow (New years day) to pull a vacuum on the system (Using John Hamiltons generator) and add new freon…
Guido confirmed he would only stick to beer or rum and not mix tonight, so he would be fresh New Years day to complete the job…
New years night was PACKED.. you could walk to shore over the hulls of boats!   We did some quick crab dancing at the Last Resort, Loose Mongoose then of course fire balls on the beach!…  always an interesting new years in the Islands!
Strangest thing, we find pop tops all over the boat..  Robin doesnt say a thing just smiles…  Good thing we have lots of bandaids..  Seems we’ve all been limping back home per Jimmy Buffetts suggestion!
Jessi put together a wee video of cave exploring in San Juan…   This is not a tourist attraction, you literally take a 4×4 up mountain roads, turn into someone’s driveway..  drive around the odd boulder blocking the road.. etc etc..  Scotty (Captain Ron) took us to this special place!
We have been here before but never to the caves!.. This was even new for Scott who has been on the island 20 years!
You take a flashlight, (Don’t return with one if your Timbo)… and explore these crazy water fall caves..  There’s no turning back once you start.. this is not Walt Disney World!  Sooo Cool!
I don’t think words can explain it, so here’s the video!
Have a Great day!
Link should be below for the video..

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