Kozyboat Returns to Puerto Rico !!!

Having a great time retracing our path from last year on the sail boat!

Seems the 500 mph option of traveling these days is quiet different from the 5mpg option we used last year!
Puerto Rico was our home for sure last year..  spending a few months during hurricane season, we met so many friends we now consider family!
Landing at the airport, we didn’t have our bags before Zev was picking us up barefoot with the red onion truck…
Spoiled to the 9’s (is this a scale to 10, if so, spoiled to the 11’s)…  we were shown our guest house, just steps from the beach.
After snacks, the kids hit the beach..  A huge dinner was planned with the largest roast I have ever seen… in true Puerto Rican style Zev had it was cooked on an outdoor bbq of charcoal!..  not checked for 2 hours.. taken off and perfect…
Captain Ron (aka Scotty) lives not far away.. Robin and Timbo went for a stroll to find him..
Yelling 4 floors up to his open door condo, no sign of Scotty..   Timbo giving up, suggested a female voice..
Robin had Scott out on the patio in about 20 seconds… 🙂
Now to open a door on the first floor, many people would Desend 4 floors, open the door, then walk back up with us.. not Scotty!
Out comes the fishing line.. and soon enough a set of keys land in our hands..  Good cast Bro!
Next day Robski and Timbo walked to downtown to rent a car, where the girls borrowed Zev and Yunia’s bikes and took off to the Hilton.
Rental cars during high season are more than $100 per day at the airport… but thats for tourists!   Timbo knows this game and has them booked at a small out of the way location at $24.99 per day including tax!
Flying around in our new ride, we cruise down to the Hilton Scuba shack to find Jessi sunbathing and Allie renting snorkel gear to the tourists..
Later in the Day the kids rode down to Old San Juan and visited the big fort..   A flat tire added some excitement…  Allie called a friend and received a ride back to the marina…    Timbo and Robin waiting with dead cell phone in hand had no worries, as the guys at the scuba shack kept us in the loop of the kids adventures…
Only 4 days in Puerto Rico, and 2 already gone, we are hitting all the old hangouts… so fun to show Jessi!!!
And so fun hanging with all our boating friends again!… we left here 8 months ago on Island dancer and many wondered if we made it!  🙂
Next day we just HAD to go to the Mall!!! ha…  Girlz had a blast as Timbo took it like a man (?) …
Soon enough back to beach…  cooler and beach chairs in hand!
Down to the marina for sunset where we ran into Bill Butler, a close friend and Ocean Sailor…  Many tales were told as Pico the dog ran around us endlessly in joy!
Walking back down the dock, we ran into Judith, who runs a sailing tour company… seems just a few minutes later she had us out around the bay for a  2hr sunset cruise!   Just how many friends do we have here!  amazing!
Our last full day in Puerto Rico was in the rain forest…   not the tourist side.. this is 4×4’in down small roads to the most remote area…
We had been here about a year and half ago, but it never gets old!.. in fact this trip we found 3 new caves that are partially underwater…
Im sure Allie and Jessi will be posting a very interesting GoPro Video soon!
Crazy day enjoying the sights sounds and awesome smells of the rainforest!   Never can atrip to Puerto Rico end without another awesome BBQ by Zev!  Thanks Bro!
Great TRIP!    Next UP.. BVI’s and back onboard Day Dream Believer!!
Have a Great Day!


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