Journey North

Made it back to Canada!   Successful week of launching the boat, completing annual maintenance, and fixing some new problems, that seem common with all boats.

Our last couple days were in Cane Garden Bay.  The weather was beautiful when we left, but soon turned ugly!..  Strong winds and swells off the nose as we motored into a squall towards Trellis bay..

Opening the infirmary, a couple ship mates were admitted..   coming through the narrow passage at Monkey point was a welcomed sight, as the seas returned to calm… you could almost hear the birds chirping..   colour switched to a lighter green as the crew started recovering…. 🙂

John Hamilton secured 15′ of chain for us while we were out on our adventure…  this was added to the mooring system to insure we have a secure home for Day Dream Believer.

Canada night is a celebration every Tuesday.. where all Canadians are called out for a dinner and discuss snow, ice, and frost..  Most people take a car to get there.. but somehow someone brought their boat (See parking pics!)


It was funny, before we left, Robin and I discussed how many people Owen would know by chance..  Sure enough, he was telling people who their sisters were and where they went to school etc etc..   one small world we live on!

Final preparations on the boat to leave her alone for a couple weeks.   The Kozy Clan will be back on board just after Christmas!

Wonderful week with a ton of work complete… thanks to the maintenance crew of DDB this year!

Have a Great Day!






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