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Well the year on the water is starting to pay off..  for Allie anyway…

After putting in a full shift at a local Car detailing shop.. she returned home to help out on the race boat (2 days to go!)

Standing up on the bow I asked her to tie a bowline knot on the cleat for our safety harness lines (jack lines)..

Just as she started to move up to the bow, a group of guys showed up..  They were out for dinner, returning to their 70′ mega powerboat..

They overheard our conversation and in a happy mood they suggested one of their crew could do it better than Allie, as they had just taught him that knot this morning.

Smiling, I agreed this would be a good test of his skills….  Leading him onto the boat and up to the bow, the contest was about to begin…

Now there’s no reason to just test each other’s skills without a little wager..  Im pretty sure the crew was well off.. Their smallest bill was $100 bucker…    So bets were laid…

Soon enough we discovered their crackerjack star had forgotten the knot,  and  Allie had the jack lines secure..  This wasn’t quite good enough.. ..  The knot was undone, and retied with her hands behind her back.. 🙂

So.. up $120.00, next job was sunglasses recovery…

Scuba gear snapped on..  a quick dive surfaced with the lost glasses… and another mitt of cash in her hands..

Revenue Canada will be looking for the tax on that one Allie!

Our Racing guest from St. Thomas USVI showed up today.. Brian…

He’s used to driving on the left hand side, so we figured he would be a natural to drive the Automax right hander Honda truck..   oops..

He doesn’t fit too well, does he?   Seats all the way back!! ha

Race boat is RaceReady as is the Crew…  wish us luck!

Sea ya in Mackinac… and oh ya..  Have a Great Day…


IMG-20140709-00520:7:10:2014 IMG-20140710-00524:7:10:2014 IMG-20140710-00525:7:10:2014




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