Preparing for the race

As the days tick off, the crew of White River are ticking off the “To-Do” list on the new race boat.
Crossing 4000 miles in Island Dancer didn’t seem to require as many “to do” lists as this 200 mile race…
Well getting the boat prepared in less than a week is a little different than having a year to pick away at stuff thats for sure!
The rules of the race require a heck of a lot of things in place, and for good reason..
when cruising your just about an idiot to set off in a storm..  racing, the weather doesn’t matter.. your going…  (perhaps that still makes you an idiot)
The last couple years have been pretty easy weather wise..
In fact one year the wind died for so long we stopped for a swim and a bbq!!!
Now thats my type of Racing!!!  (not sure it’s allowed in the rule book so lets keep that to ourselves)
Put our friend Sully on the spot tonight..  Emergency drill
Sully.. your steering just let go..  nothing is controlling the rudder…The boat is going in circles and were in a storm… what are you going to do??
(Apparently the race committee sometimes checks crew to insure they know where all the safety stuff is and how to use it… I wasn’t being mean honest! ha)
After his shoulders returned to a lower position the light bulb turned on… Emergency Tiller!  ya… thats it!
So..  Robin and Sully went about installing it…
Well.. there’s the rudder… under the seat..   hummm… how’s this thing go on…  no not that way… hummmm….
Click… OK we have it…   but now what… it needs to be cut down..  it runs right into the steering wheel that is un-usable….
We still can’t steer the boat…
Shoulders return to a higher position with strange looks on their faces… what now???
Hint: Wonder if that steering wheel is removable???
Shoulders back down..  Robin and Sully remove the big wheel…   BINGO…  now have steering…  Tiller style….
So… If we do get big weather… and loose the steering…  Sully is the man to get us to shore!  Good Job  🙂
Tune in this weekend to see how we make out…   WHITE RIVER PHRF E
Have a great Day!!
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2 thoughts on “Preparing for the race”

  1. I was hoping you would go down to the islands every winter. I have enjoyed the armchair travels of your trip. I know more about what you all are up to than some members of my family.

  2. Not to worry Chris… we have a boat called DayDream Believer in the BVI’s and will be there multiple times this winter with lots of stories… Next up is a trip to the North Channel on a 30′ Nonsuch for a couple weeks of fun!

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