Lake ONTARIO !!!!

WE made the great lakes!!! Ya!!!
Had a great couple days on the canal…although lots of sticks, logs, and stumps..
One time we managed to get a long skinny one (2″ diameter) wrapped around the rudder… not before the props skinned em…
Steering went hard.. hummmm…. ALLIE… put your bathing suit on!!!! Your going downstairs!!!
Well we didn’t have to resort to that!… heavy reverse and a piece of it popped up.. then using the long poker stick we were able to dislodge it..
Allie was giving high fives at that point! ha!!!

30 LOCKS LATER…. no kidding!

What a sight it was to see Lake Ontario!!! wow.. been a LONG TIME!!!
Tomorrow morning we are putting the sticks up.. hopefully the wind stays low..

were very exposed here..
not sure they have crane regulations in effect..
but last thing we want to do is bend that thing!
Then we set sail across the lake to a new country… CANADA EH!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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