Island Dancer is a Sailboat Again!

Bernie walked up with a coffee this morning looking at the rig on Island Dancer..
He smiled and said… WOW
Bernie is the head of stepping masts (installing)
I somehow found a smile, wondering what I was getting myself into…
This boat is SMALL in the caribbean… whats the big deal.. lets go!

Bernie: “There’s no way my rig can lift that mast…”
Timbo: “Really.. so Bernie… what are we using then? ” –  There was NO way the mast going to be horizontal on the deck after today…. I love putting confidence back into the experts… he’ll figure out a way!

So we Rented a Crane!.. not a big one.. in fact.. Im so used to Georgie showing up in 100+ ton crane (at Suncor) I was a bit shocked at this weeeee one…
But again… this is only a hollow mast.. couple farm boys could put it in… trust me I have stories!

There was a bit of a Spectacle in Oswago… at one point Robin counted more than 15 watching just in the immediate area of the boat…

Everything went smooth smooth smooth.. and we now have two masts back in the vertical position…
We stopped working at 10pm (Kozyboat crew).. its a ton of work getting all the gear back together… but were ready to hit the sea.. hummm I mean LAKE… tomorrow!!!

Very great people here.. (I must have met some non-great people, somewhere, sometime on this trip??)
You will see from the pictures the number of people we had helping.. That with crane, gin pole, and paid talent… what the heck is this going to cost??
Turned out to be a little over $300… I was thinking more like $500-700… we had the crane and operator tied up all afternoon.. and a lot of marina people!!!
I really need to buy a “I Love NY” T-Shirt !!!!

The 30 locks have certainly improved Timbo’s docking skills…. This boat is turning into a skate board in a parking lot…
The marina people came up to me and said “Gee.. We hardly ever see anyone driving a SAILBOAT dock without hitting something” ha!!!

I can’t wait to come into Bridgeview in Sarnia and smash into 3 boats my first time!!!

Terry..  hang some extra fenders on your boat…Timbo’s comin in!
Film at 11!!!Well lets see how this boat handles the Great Lakes… 🙂

Have a Great Day!!!

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