Erie Canal Day “2” – 7 locks

More than 2 times the distance but only 7 locks today rather than 10 yesterday….
Some kickass locks today!… One we actually drove through a HOLE to get into!
Check out the pics… no kiddin!

I’ll tell you.. I’ve never put this boat into reverse, forward, reverse, forward so many times…
We come into a dock at the end of the day… and the conversation (or intention) is…
Timbo… slide it 5 feet sideways, then pull in the nose… we’re getting way toooooo good at this
Allie lightly steps to the dock hooks up the springer.. meanders to the bow and hooks up the another line..
Timbo slides it into reverse and the forward lines go taught… the stern slowly kisses the dock..
We high five each other, but under the cuff….
because it wouldn’t be cool to do it in front of the crowd of 8 girls having patio drinks we just docked 5 feet beside…
obviously this is our NORMAL docking procedure 🙂

Im going to say it again… New York’ers are NICE PEOPLE… Very Very Very nice people
After 8.5 hours behind the wheel today, we pulled up yet again a Free Dock.
This is a private dock,100’s of feet long.. Free water.. Free High Speed internet..
The owner Rocky, has been catering to boaters here since he was 18… lets say he’s a little older than that now..
and owns the whole damn place, docks, restaurants, tour boats, and all…

LISA: Creme Bela.. best ever.. here…no kidding.. Rocky’s wife wrote down the recipe in Home-EK in grade 9… they can’t keep up with the orders !

After dinner (14 oz Prime Rib), Robin and Allie checked out some local shops as Timbo retreated to the tavern for a quick beer..
Sitting beside Rocky… no money can change hands.. I tried to buy a beer.. nope.. on the house..
Robin glass of Italian wine.. Allie anything she wants..
Bottle of Italian ‘after dinner on ice’ Caravella on the house
One of the girls at the restaurant has close ties to the GoldFish cracker company… your not leaving here without a Jumbo carton
Local water?? apparently something spectacular and you guessed it.. your not leaving without a SixPack… on the house…

We’ve been spoiled once again… wish there was something we could do for them… but passing the word is all I can do today!

Have a Great Day!

IMG_5752:5:31:2014 IMG_5740:5:31:2014 IMG_5755:5:31:2014 IMG_5724:5:31:2014 IMG_5753:5:31:2014 IMG_5756:5:31:2014 IMG_5743:5:31:2014 P1030711:5:31:2014 P1030805:5:31:2014 P1030784:5:31:2014 P1030782:5:31:2014 P1030781:5:31:2014 P1030804:5:31:2014 P1030798:5:31:2014 P1030789:5:31:2014 P1030780:5:31:2014 P1030792:5:31:2014 P1030791:5:31:2014 IMG_5764:5:31:2014 IMG_5761:5:31:2014 P1030789:5:31:2014 P1030793:5:31:2014 IMG_5769:5:31:2014 P1030712:5:31:2014 IMG_5773:5:31:2014 IMG_5771:5:31:2014 IMG_5770:5:31:2014 IMG_5768:5:31:2014 P1030776:5:31:2014 P1030745:5:31:2014 IMG_5765:5:31:2014 IMG_5766:5:31:2014 P1030757:5:31:2014 P1030718:5:31:2014 P1030754:5:31:2014

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