Wilson Visits NYC

Poor Ol’ Wilson needed some time off the boat, so we took him for a trip into town…

As did Owen’s Shirt!

I really can’t believe how easy we get around places.. a little more homework on where to stay, where to leave the dingy, how to get to town.. etc etc would be ‘normal’ planning I assume..
Well, here’s how it works these days…..
We dropped the dingy and started heading to shore.. (being in a closed lagoon, there are some options here)..

A sailboat on a mooring ball was side moored to a powerboat.. this tells me 2 things.. they like to party and they are cheap.. just my type of people.. lets go say ‘HI’
Timbo “Hey any idea where I could leave this dingy for the day???”
Boatin dudes “Well, don’t leave it at the city marina… they will charge you wayyyy toooo much… Go over to the Great Kills YC.. they are nice there”

So… off we go on a ‘finger’ pointed towards our destination…

Pulling up, we were directed to the Dingy Dock.. ok.. cool.. first step
The dingy was loaded with garbage.. I suggested we didn’t throw it ALL on the dock until we determined if we were welcomed or not… (were getting smarter with this!)

Love the accent of these NewYorkers.. I quickly threw out my most Canadian Accent asking if there was “Anywhere” we could leave the Dingy for a while EH???
2 minutes later we were welcomed to their club.. shown the garbage disposal, access code to the gate and told “No charge for you guys” GREAT PEOPLE !!!
Were on anchor not paying ANYTHING?? but treated TOP SHELF… how can you ask for more??

Found the Subway (above ground) that goes across the island (we walked up less than 5 minutes before it left on a 1 hour schedule)… then to the Staten Island Ferry.. and before we knew it, Wilson was in New York City!!!
All free for him but $2.75 for his warm blooded buddies…

Wilson enjoyed some of the main sites in NYC….
World Trade Centre Memorial, Central Park, Times Square, East Village, Greenwich Village area, Brooklyn (slight detour), eventually back to the dingy, and back to Island Dancer..
We left the dingy unlocked.. and of course it was sitting as we left it…. Its amazing how many Good people we find everywhere.. you just need to know where to look EH!
Here’s some pics!!!

Were heading up the Hudson tomorrow… I checked, Sully doesn’t have any flights scheduled, so guess we good to go!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!
TIMBOP1030482:5:25:2014 P1030532:5:25:2014 IMG_5383:5:25:2014 P1030538:5:25:2014 IMG_5388:5:25:2014 P1030506:5:25:2014 P1030521:5:25:2014 P1030470:5:25:2014 P1030471:5:25:2014 P1030484:5:25:2014 P1030545:5:25:2014 P1030510:5:25:2014 P1030541:5:25:2014 P1030537:5:25:2014 P1030517:5:25:2014 P1030492:5:25:2014 IMG_5363:5:25:2014 P1030498:5:25:2014 IMG_5359:5:25:2014 IMG_5375:5:25:2014 P1030495:5:25:2014 P1030489:5:25:2014 P1030501:5:25:2014 IMG_5362:5:25:2014 IMG_5379:5:25:2014 P1030488:5:25:2014 P1030487:5:25:2014


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