Time to Pull da Sticks

Cruising up the Hudson has been very nice.. not a lot of traffic, and some very scenic areas… Starting to get back into some hills, glad we don’t have to sail over them!
Found a flying fish behind the Kayak… he could be from the Bahamas…
I remember one day I found one in the living room.. They fly across the boat.. so if you leave a hatch open at sea, they sometimes find the hole!

We pulled into Hop-o-Nose marina yesterday.. sitting at the crane pulling the boat apart, getting ready for the sticks to come out today.
They have a fairly good selection of lumber… when the masts are out, you make a cradle for them on your boat to transport them horizontally the rest of the way.
We have a couple guys helping us.. as soon as they saw the boat, they both smiled and mentioned some huge wooden stands made of 4×4’s someone left behind..
seems they were looking for a home for them.

Our boat is finally starting to look big.. in the Caribbean this is a very small boat.. coming down this channel we had several people checking her out…. I was wondering if we would fit!!! ha
Should be a interesting day.. lets hope its not too eventful if you know what I mean!
They pull masts here everyday, so I’m hoping the crane is in good shape.. a quick scan didn’t reveal any recent “inspection passed” stickers on it… 🙂
We will be travelling down the Erie Canal out to Lake Ontario over the next few days..
Well better get back to work…. 8am we start up the crane.

Have a Great Day!

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