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Well when the weather turns favourable, you put the hammer down and giverrrrrr… and we did! Hello New York City!!!
It was 230 miles from Sasafras River in Maryland (I couldn’t make up that name.. too cool eh)
Up to the C&D channel.. There is so much on the internet about this passage.. people are working out when to leave to at least 1 decimal point..??? Engineer sailors??

(Apparently the tide makes this a difficult passage)

This was the information I found……  leave 1 hr and 16 minutes after slack tide.. then break up the passage in 2 segments through two tide changes ….

Or you can do it Timbo’s way.. Open the throttle on the yanmar engines and exit the channel 2 hours after you enter it.. Im pretty sure we had good timing with the slack thing….. we were doing 10 knots at times..
Either way it was a none issue..
Lets get down Delaware bay… again reading on the net this is supposed to be a NASTY bay..
I really should stop reading the internet.. we didn’t see a ripple.. 8-9 knots.. more slack tide I guess ha!! (and strange following winds)OK.. now to Cape May.. and into the OCEAN.. fire up the water maker.. we need the tanks overfilled.. this will be the last time the suction will be in salt water.. no chance making water up the Hudson.. too many stray airplanes and seagulls to make water there…

At 2am we passed Atlantic City.. You could see it miles and miles away.. Been to Las Vegas so with good weather, we continue on…
6am brought heavy seas and considerable wind on the nose.. Snowman assured us the wind would die quickly, so plans to stop were set aside…
Just after lunch the towers of NY City rose out of the horizon.. very cool!!! We left BVI’s 2 months ago today… hummm that sounds like a long time… guess it is..

Were sitting in a small bay on Staten Island called Great KILL…??..  seeeeeems like a Nice place???

My buddy Brendan showed us the Staten island ferry many years ago.. its FREE and goes right past the statue of Liberty on its way to downtown..
Rough plan tomorrow is to take the train (subway) from our anchorage which is supposed to be walking distance…to the ferry and do some exploring downtown NYC…Hope your having a Great Weekend!!!!   Lets warm this place up… Its Freakin COLD!!!

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