Golf in NYC?

Apparently you die hard golfers are OK in downtown NYC… they remodelled a pier to accommodate you with a driving range!! Don’t leave home without your VISA!!!

Sailed past NYC today on our way up the Hudson… Thats a pretty special sail for sure..
Heading upstream the current tried to slow us down.. we had sails, motors, everything just to make headway… of course if we see anything under 6 knots these days we think we are standing still…
The city disappeared and the land rose… wow.. it’s so beautiful here.. were about 50 miles north of NYC… the scenery sure can change in a hurry!
Quick post today… were heading to CatSkills tomorrow, a bit of a long cruise up the river to pull the masts… Then the Big Left turn towards Canada…
Have a Great Day and as our autoshop teacher Mr. Wolsley always said… “Don’t drink out of any strange toilets….”
(ya.. I don’t it either.. but it does grow on you after 25 years or so)


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One thought on “Golf in NYC?”

  1. I made that trip up the Hudson with Ray a while back. Did you notice West Point on your port as you passed it? Yes, it is a longish trip but very beautiful. The ditch, as they call the canal, will present all manner of things to watch out for. Dead heads, downed trees, you name it. Be careful out there. Enjoy all of the locks and lift bridges. It is an education.

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