Erie Canal Mile 0

Finally found a map… those sure are Handy!
Went under a VERY VERY SMALL BRIDGE today… it’s a little freaky the first time!
Then we went through a lock… which was not really a big deal… reminds me of the Trent system.

Our plan (which is never really planned), is to head out into Lake Ontario at Oswago..

so the quick route through the locks and bridges….
(See on the map attached it turns north after the inland lake)
So get this…. The docks here are FREE… water is FREE… Showers FREE…. High Speed Internet is FREE.. ??NewYork gets a bad rap for being stuck up.. but really we haven’t seen that.. even the boys in the band (NYC) at the Indian restaurant put up with our antics of Wilson!
Everyone is super friendly and we can’t believe how cheap everything is EVERYWHERE… for EVERYTHING..

We went grocery shopping yesterday… we walked in light rain (sometimes) a mile or two to the store.. filled up a cart.. called a cab to get back…
…but asked him to stop for 5 or 10 minutes at a wine place on the way back….
He helped load and unload the groceries and personally walked them down to our boat..
charge $5.00
… I gave him $10..which he didn’t want to take… this just isn’t right…
Im feeling cheap leaving a 25% tip, when we have to pay anything at all.. pretty cool place!

Tomorrow should bring many many more locks… No idea where dinner where be…

Where’s Nancy the cruise director when you need her???
Hope you have a great day!!! What the heck are we going to do with this blog when we get to Sarnia… might be prettttty soon!!!TIMBOIMG_0598:5:29:2014 IMG_5656:5:29:2014 IMG_5642:5:29:2014 IMG_5641:5:29:2014 IMG_5659:5:29:2014 IMG_0597 IMG_5603:5:29:2014 IMG_0599:5:29:2014 IMG_5648:5:29:2014 IMG_0600:5:29:2014 IMG_5620:5:29:2014 IMG_5657:5:29:2014 IMG_0595:5:29:2014

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