A Visit to the WhiteHouse

Well I knocked and knocked but no answer..  apparently our buddy Barack must have been down the street at the neighbours.. certainly not in the house painted white…
Pretty cool town to explore..  we received some advice from an FBI agent at the bar..
don’t try and drive into Washington.. take the train in.. so we did..(worked out GREAT no traffic or parking issues!)
She said if we gave her more time she could get us clearance to enter the white house..
hummm..  sitting bar stool to bar stool we convinced her Timbo was a Canadian Ambassador,,,
not sure the ‘OK’ from the big boys would have gone through anyway..
Smithsonian visit to the air and space was really cool..
My favourite was the Wright brothers plane..  this is not a mock up.. it’s the actual first plane in the world..  now thats cool eh
Rented bikes for the day..  very smart system.. for $7.00 you get a pass…
you can use the bike for 30 minutes for free.. then return it to another station..
When you need the bike again, you just take another.. and return it within 30 minutes to the next station…
if you go over it’s something like $2.00  but we were timely getting from A to B to C etc…
The bike stations were EVERYWHERE…  very smart… we were able to criss cross the town with ease.
Lunch was the best burger I’ve had in a Long Long time..  wow..  yesterday I had sea food all day…  What a change up eh!
So sleeping on SOLID ground…  what’s with that eh??
Bruce and Barb showed us where the key is kept..  big Mistake there guys…
We might be here a while!!! ha!!!
If anyone’s in the area drop by Friday Night.. were having a pot luck dinner party
 …………………. (JUST KIDDING!!)  ha!!!!
We rented a crappy little car for a day or two.. it’s cheaper than a mooring ball!!
I was doing 80 MPH today with no wake…  Toooo Weird!!!
Well time for a LONG HOT BUBBLE BATH in our house..
The water holding tank in this place must be HUGE!!!! we can’t seem to empty it!!!   🙂
in other news…
Today we rode in
1) Dingy
2) Car
3) Train
4) Bike
5) Flight Simulator
Have a Great Day!

P1030259:5:19:2014 P1030132:5:19:2014 P1030130:5:19:2014 P1030152:5:19:2014 P1030248:5:19:2014 P1030197:5:19:2014 P1030246:5:19:2014 P1030242:5:19:2014 P1030261:5:19:2014 P1030137:5:19:2014 P1030232:5:19:2014 P1030108:5:19:2014 P1030283:5:19:2014 P1030279:5:19:2014 P1030280:5:19:2014 P1030224:5:19:2014 P1030286:5:19:2014 P1030226:5:19:2014 P1030291:5:19:2014 P1030220:5:19:2014 P1030277:5:19:2014 P1030321:5:19:2014 P1030272:5:19:2014 P1030317:5:19:2014 P1030294:5:19:2014 P1030306:5:19:2014 P1030325:5:19:2014 P1030292:5:19:2014 P1030319:5:19:2014 P1030332:5:19:2014 P1030268:5:19:2014 P1030300:5:19:2014

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