Wednesday we go….???

There’s about 3 or 4 boats in the harbour doing the same exact thing as us… Waiting….
One is going to Antigua, another to Aruba, and another to Turks and Caicos
Looks like some beautiful weather coming later in the week…

so we want to take full advantage of it, crossing the Mona Passage over to the DR..
Of course we may only make it to the other end of Puerto Rico…

as long as we make it out of the harbour I’ll be happy!!!  ha!

We have soooo many friends here now, its a lot of fun…. not a day goes by without an invitation to go to a home, or out for lunch or dinner.. really nice!
Robin is catching up on a lot of work, as we play a game of find high speed internet in various places each day…
Allie suggests we should stay another month or two… Can you guess she really love’s it here….
But it’s time to Go! So close the hatch’s and lets get a move on….

Have a Great Day!

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