Some Ketchup Pics

Haven’t had high speed internet for a while, so here’s some pics of the action…

First Few are Allie at a Marine Biology School in South Caicos
Old house is the Governors Mansion.. (perhaps previous)
Then some sailing pics on the 3 day cruise..
Then of course PICO!!!! on the Stand Up Board!!!

Have a Great Day!

IMG_0374:4:14:2014 IMG_3946:4:14:2014 IMG_3961:4:14:2014 P1020566:4:14:2014 IMG_3977:4:14:2014 IMG_3920:4:14:2014 P1020640:4:14:2014 IMG_3966:4:14:2014 IMG_0423:4:14:2014 P1020620:4:14:2014 IMG_0422:4:14:2014 P1020553:4:14:2014 IMG_3973:4:14:2014 IMG_3967:4:14:2014 P1020608:4:14:2014 IMG_3981:4:14:2014 IMG_3943:4:14:2014 P1020625:4:14:2014 IMG_3983:4:14:2014 IMG_3918:4:14:2014 P1020639:4:14:2014 P1020602:4:14:2014 IMG_3940:4:14:2014 P1020623:4:14:2014 IMG_3952:4:14:2014 IMG_3971:4:14:2014 IMG_3935:4:14:2014 IMG_3948:4:14:2014 IMG_3927:4:14:2014 IMG_0411:4:14:2014 IMG_3979:4:14:2014 IMG_3938:4:14:2014 IMG_3947:4:14:2014 IMG_3944:4:14:2014 P1020622:4:14:2014 P1020607:4:14:2014 IMG_0416:4:14:2014 IMG_3955:4:14:2014

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