Socked in Turks and Caicos

Well maybe Socked in isn’t the correct term…   She’s been blowin for a week.. so we’ve been lashed to the dock!  but appears we will be moving very soon! (To Bahamas)
This is Robins favourite Island so far..  its a really nice change, there are NO charter boats here at all..
Only big super yachts and real cruisers heading to all locations of the globe..  Very interesting talking to most anyone on the dock!

We found out that our $48 fee to stay here includes use of ALL their sister resorts..  including free shuttle…   So we cranked up the beach time this week!
Our new favourite location is called the Beach House..  there is a pretty darn good reef for snorkelling just off the beach.. they have free rental equipment too!.
Then we discovered the Hobbie Cat is also free to use.. That with the free beach bikes, this place quickly approached awesome!..
We had the hobbie out for a few runs with our friends (from home) Cindy, Gerry, Leslie and Terry.  Lots of fun with this group all week!
Lots of festivals here, no time to be idle…
The easter bunny found an open hatch on Island Dancer…  Hope he found his way to your house as well!

Have a Great Day!

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