Setting Sail Today!

Setting sail for destinations west and north of here.. Our hope is to make it to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, but who knows…
Its about 2 times the distance as the mackinaw race back home, so should be a nice sail if the weather holds..

You can track Island dancer on the website:
search Island Dancer and pick the sailboat not the fishing vessel! (Although we will be fishing the whole way!)

It only works when we are near shore… but should give you an idea where we are if your interested.

This link below might get you there quicker…

Made some new friends on the sailing vessel Mistress yesterday.. They had a problem coming into the harbour.. (hit hard aground).. So Timbo and Robski launched the dingy..
Pushed them off the hard stuff and back into wet stuff, they were pretty happy and so we’re we to meet such great people.

Well, Time to drop the dock lines and crank up the sails…
Talk to you in a few days!

Have a Great Day or 4!!!


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